Since its launch, easyJet has always positioned itself as a pioneer in the airline sector in Europe. Digital is a major lever of this innovation strategy. By challenging Laos Email List her practices and her teams, Anne-Marie Goldenberg seeks to challenge the company’s marketing strategy to best bring out the uniqueness and the commitments of the brand. His priority? Meet the needs of users by offering them messages and services aligned with their uses. As EasyJet Northern Europe Marketing Director, what are your challenges? My role is to continue to develop the easyJet brand in France and Holland where we are the 2nd short haul airline. The challenge that drives us all is to keep the brand alive and growing in a very competitive and rapidly changing environment.

With dedicated teams, I manage the media plan with the implementation of national and local campaigns, the CRM , the influence strategy which includes social networks and BtoC activations. The other part of my work concerns relations with airports and tourist offices. easyJet traveller – Instagram Data, mobile, loyalty program… what are the areas and strategic choices you are making to differentiate yourself from your competitors and stand out in a very competitive market? easyJet has revolutionized the way of traveling in Europe by making travel affordable and easy. From a newcomer status in 1996, we have moved on to that of “game changer” and are today one of the leaders in short haul in Europe with the first network of main airports in Europe.

To cope with changes in the profession, what do you think are the skills to develop for a marketer?

The easyJet strategy is summed up in our motto: seamlessly connecting people with the warmest welcome in the sky! We have always understood the needs of our customers in terms of travel usage. To stay as close as possible to them, we must constantly adapt our way of communicating and the tools that we offer them. Digital and innovation have always been at the heart of easyJet’s DNA. We find this pioneering spirit in 1998 when easyJet put all of its inventory produced online on the Internet when other airlines sold their tickets by phone or at an agency. It was a first revolution. The creation of our free mobile application and its continuous improvement allowed us to win the title of best airline mobile application in the world last September at the World aviation festival in London. It offers unique features that match the new uses of passengers.


Did you know for example that by taking an image capture of a photo you like on Instagram and sending it to our mobile app, easyJet tells you where this beautiful landscape is and how to get there? Being a modern company also means taking responsibility for the impact of our activity on the environment. Since November 19, we have been compensating for the carbon emissions of the fuel used for all of our flights without exception. We are the first major airline to do so. Carbon offsetting remains a short-term solution and that is why we have been working to reduce our carbon footprint for 20 years. All our initiatives are available online: easyJet is truly an innovative company, which reinvents itself and the entrepreneurial spirit that we encourage in the teams has something to do with it.

And what do you think are the qualities of a marketing director?

Managing sales performance and marketing ROI is now a key issue for marketing teams. What marketing levers are you using to meet this challenge?in recent years, we have accelerated our ROI and performance vision to really understand the impact of our actions. We use pre-test or post-test tools to know the impact of our various campaigns on all media, while remaining in test-and-learn, especially at the digital level. To cope with changes in the profession, what do you think are the skills to develop for a marketer? You have to know how to remain attentive to changes and mutations, especially in the digital sector, which goes very, very quickly! But also to meet partners, to be as close as possible to media experts in the agencies.

Digital is key, but you have to know how to keep a guideline at the risk of getting lost in the mass of analytical data that you may have. The definition of monitoring KPIs is essential to measure actions and we can no longer afford to launch plans without understanding their impacts. Curiosity is essential because it is necessary to seek information, to provoke meetings, to keep up to date on new trends. The organization : we deal with a lot of different campaigns and subjects at the same time. To do everything on time, keeping your priorities in mind, you have to be really organized and have partner agencies to rely on! A creative spirit : in our ways of doing things, buying the media, formatting our speeches ….,

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