Equipped with artificial intelligence, chatbots are more and more popular with companies for their website. Why so much enthusiasm Jamaica Phone Number List around chatbots? What are the advantages of the chatbot for a site? Focus on the advantages of the chatbot. What is a chatbot?Let’s start with a number: According to a HubSpot study, 57% of consumers appreciate the immediacy of chatbots. It must be said that these virtual assistants have considerably improved the user experience. But what is a chatbot really?

Also called a “conversational agent”, a chatbot is software capable of interacting with Internet users and carrying on a conversation like a human. The etymology of the word comes from “chat” which means “online discussion” and from “bot” which means a “robot”. These robots allow companies to answer questions and help their customers and prospects.

The short history of chatbotsThe first chatbot was created in 1966. Named Eliza, this chatbot had above all a role of therapist. Then, the first virtual assistants appeared in the early 2000s.

However, they are not very successful, it will be necessary to wait until April 2016 for the chatbots to be up to date. The Facebook group announces that each company with a Facebook page can use a chatbot on the messaging system of the social network: Messenger.

5. It Allows A Better Knowledge Of Customers

Types of chatbotsToday, we differentiate between two types of chatbots: programmed chatbots and learner chatbots. Scheduled chatbots, as the name suggests, respond according to a preprogrammed script. Thus, they can provide specific answers to specific questions, and are designed to understand what is asked of them.

Learning chatbots are artificial intelligences that are constantly learning. As they interact with humans, they improve their response. This type of chatbot can also use its memory to remember a customer’s preferences.The purpose of the chatbot The main goal of chatbots is to provide the best possible user experience. By instantly answering questions from customers or prospects, the chatbot reassures Internet users and guides them in their visit to the website.

The chatbot is an interesting communication lever to increase the traffic of a website, and decrease the bounce rate.The advantages of chatchot for a siteIf the chatbot is also popular, it is because this conversational assistant contains many advantages. Here are the main advantages of the chatbot:


1. It automates customer serviceThe main objective of chatbots is to guide customers or prospects on the site and answer their questions.

On a site, the less initiated Internet users can quickly be helped by the chatbot, and understand the operation of the site and the services and / or products offered. If the chatbot is not able to resolve the problem encountered by the Internet user, then it can redirect the Internet user to the appropriate service.

4. It Facilitates Payment

The chatbot can also act as a customer reception service. By asking questions to site visitors, the chatbot can direct the customer to what they are looking for for an optimal user experience.

2. It is available 24/7With a chatbot, users of a site instantly find answers to their questions for a perfect user experience. The chatbot is available 24/24 and 7 / 7d for a quality service which delights the Net surfers. 3. It boosts sales
With a chatbot, the customer or prospect finds what he is looking for more quickly. At the slightest question, he can ask the chatbot a question, which will respond immediately. The sales process is made easier, and the sale is more likely to take place due to the good user experience.

In addition, a chatbot is ideal for promoting additional products and / or services that are unknown to the customer. By influencing buying decisions, a chatbot can generate sales that might never have happened. The chatbot can then become a personal assistant and target customer needs. The experience of each Internet user becomes unique.

4. It facilitates paymentToday, a large part of online payment solutions are available on chatbots. Easy, fast and secure, payment by chatbot prevents the Internet user from changing pages when shopping.

5. It allows a better knowledge of customersThe chatbot gives access to a lot of information about the Internet user to best meet his needs. Communication with Internet users becomes more personal and it becomes possible to offer personalized offers to the customer.

6. It generates more leadsThe chatbot offers an optimal customer experience thanks to the various positive points raised: personalized customer support service, sales optimization, easier payment, better knowledge of the customer.If the customer experience is successful, customers are more likely to engage with the business, or even to promote the services and / or products themselves.

7. He is never stressedThe tasks performed by the chatbot allow employees to have time to focus on tasks requiring more creativity.A chatbot is a robot. Devoid of emotions, faced with complaints from unhappy customers, and the stress that this causes, a chatbot will remain professional in all circumstances. Whatever the request, the chatbot remains polite and continues to keep current and potential customers informed in the best possible way.


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