Solving a problem, ordering a product or making life easier for consumers, chatbots have become key players in customer relations, available 24/7. Back to the origins Sao Tome and Principe Email List of the chatbot Saving time and efficiency , chatbots are conversational robots that can simulate a conversation in natural language . While most brands currently rely on these virtual assistants , the creation of the chatbot dates back to the time of the very first human-machine interactions . Developed by an MIT professor in 1966 , the first conversational assistant named Eliza was content to rephrase the words of her interlocutors. Of virtual agents then emerged, often in the form of avatarson websites, capable of giving simple information or delivering impersonal contact forms . Towards a personalized customer relationship?

With the progress of artificial intelligence , the functionalities of chatbots have evolved, to the point of drawing a new customer relationship . Thanks to the principle of machine learning, some chatbots are able to improve as the interactions progress. For example, they can remember our habits and preferences, offer services tailored to our requests and make our lives easier. Their added value? Understand or even anticipate consumer expectations! A task usually reserved for humans who can now concentrate on more strategic tasks. And the rise of chatbots does not seem to be running out of steam with the Messenger platform. of Facebook which allows developers to create their own conversational assistant!

Back To The Origins Of The Chatbot

Brand spokespersons More than delivering information, chatbots invite consumers to enter the world of the brand . Whether they show humor, seriousness or a complicit tone, chatbots must convey the values and identity of the company. The place of humans therefore remains crucial to filter language, avoid semantic slippages and stage the chatbot! Thanks to the simplicity of commissioning, chatbots open up a real field of opportunities to engage in conversation with communities. The opportunity to offer new customer experiences in the digital age ! The key numbers : 80% of companies will use chatbots for customer interactions by 2020! (Source: Conversational Agency) 37% growth in the chatbot market over the next 4 years. (Source: Conversational Agency) The chatbot market is estimated in 2024 at $ 994 million ! (Source: Le Monde Informatique) Find our training courses dedicated to Chatbots and Customer Experience


Nicolas FRANCOIS, market manager at Apec since July 2007, leads a team of 4 Product Managers. Holder of two master’s degrees in Business Administration and Human Resources Management, he was previously in the HR department at Apec for 4 years. Apec, the Association for the employment of executives, supports and advises executives throughout their professional career. It also supports job seekers in their repositioning on the market, and helps young graduates (BAC + 3) for their professional integration. Apec offers companies services to optimize their recruitments and the management of their internal skills. BUSINESS QUESTION What is the major marketing issue in your business right now? Our first issue concerns the user experience, the customer experience. We want to provide the most relevant and fluid experience possible.

Towards A Personalized Customer Relationship?

However, today, we are seeing disruptions, like any multichannel operator, so this is one of our major challenges. Our second challenge is to satisfy more companies (VSE / SME in priority) with constant means. Serve more recruiters and support more companies with the same budget. Our third challenge is to support or succeed in the digital transformation of the company. Apec has been digital since 1998 with the creation of one of the first job boards in France. However, making an appointment, for example, with an online consultant, we do not yet offer. We must bring ourselves to the level of the uses and needs of our target, executives, young graduates and recruiters. We must therefore transpose what we see in the world of banking or telephony, in the employment ecosystem.

This represents a strong investment, both financial and human, but we are on the move! For this digital transformation, we set out over a period, a five-year transformation plan. The first main project focuses on connecting candidates and recruiters, DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION QUESTION How do you organize yourself today in the face of new customer journeys? We put markers or tracers on the most important customer journeys, then we look at the breaks. We carry out focus groups with clients and we question our consultants and advisers. We are carrying out a few tests but not yet A / B testing because we do not yet have the technical solution that allows us to do so, but we are investing in it… We carry out at least one Test & Learn once per week, in the area of ​​acquiring new customers.

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