Anne-Christelle Vogler is Director of Customers & Operations and member of the Executive Committee of HomeServe France. She started Ghana Email List her career in marketing and consulting. She then specialized in financial services, notably in the social protection group APICIL where she became Director of Customer Experience. In 2019, she joined HomeServe France, the leader in home assistance, which relies on a national network of 4,000 craftsmen to perform troubleshooting every two minutes in areas such as electricity, plumbing, locksmithing, heating, air conditioning, etc. She has a clear and precise vision to put her expertise and convictions at the service of her clients but also of her employees. You have been Client & Operations Director at HomeServe for a year and a half, what have been your main challenges?

My main challenge was to transform the customer relations and management activities of our network of 4,000 artisans. It is essential in a context of strong development of HomeServe France which faces Development of new target customers: younger, more urban, more connected, An opening of new markets and products, An increase in the number of business partners: we operate in BtoBtoC. In this perspective, the transformation of our customer journey , our internal operations and our relationship with the customer and the craftsman is therefore fundamental. To achieve this, my challenge is to support the customer relations, customer satisfaction and network of craftspeople teams so that they support this development. It is therefore a business, human and technological challenge:

What lessons and good sustainable practices have you learned from it?

In terms of business : the transformation mentioned calls for an acceleration of the omnichannel but also a rethinking of our customer and craftsman journeys . On the human level : our management approach is in upheaval. We have strongly reorganized ourselves around an organization with fewer hierarchical levels. Our leitmotif? Adopt a management based on trust, resulting in more autonomy and responsibilities entrusted to our teams. Technologically: we are simultaneously leading a complete overhaul of our IT base as well as a large-scale agile project to change our customer relationship and marketing tools, around the Salesforce solution . You have launched a “Care” transformation plan. What are the challenges and main achievements? At the end of 2019, we launched our transformation plan, called Care, which stands for “ Customer Ambition for Redesigned Experiences ”.


It designates the meeting point for our customer relations and network teams. It marks our ambition in terms of experience: the conviction that it is a positive lived experience that brings together employees, craftsmen and customers! Finally, Care also carries our roadmap with our transformation projects around 3 axes: Transform our customer relationship towards omnichannel and towards a stronger emotional dimension. Chat, web callback, social networks : we have opened up new customer relationship channels by supporting the development of our advisors’ skills in their handling. Revisiting sales approaches so that they are more attentive to customer needs , based on dialogue that encourage the autonomy of our advisers so that they can express their style and not that of a frozen script. We want the customer relationship to be warm and marked by the omnipresence of legal discourse, while remaining 100% compliant of course.

What are the 2 or 3 essential principles for a successful customer experience?

Transform our network of 4,000 independent artisans throughout France around the notion of artisan experience. On the network, a technological transformation is also beginning to provide our craftsmen with simple and effective solutions for working with HomeServe. Finally, Care is a collective adventure. Our transformation plan revolves primarily around the Performing Team. This is why we are carrying out numerous initiatives with our teams, under the impetus of the Great Place To Work approach. By involving them in this work, we develop the autonomy of our teams: in decision-making in front of a customer, for example, with the responsibility of a commercial discount and its amount. in the ability to organize the working day since in our teams, the advisers organize their planning and not the managers. The latter thus play the role of facilitator and coach.

How has the health crisis impacted your business and your roadmap? At HomeServe we have a very resilient business model. Part of our business is subscription based. Our activity has thus held up well in the face of the shock of the health crisis. In addition, we operate in the Maison’s universe, a safe haven reinforced by this crisis. We are among the actors who have never stopped their activity. On the contrary, from June client requests increased sharply. Also, our roadmap was hardly impacted. We therefore seized the opportunity offered to us to reinvent ourselves . We have accelerated certain actions: Make 100% of our teams work from home . Scheduled for the end of 2020, we have finally taken up the challenge by being ready in mid-March for the first confinement.

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