Telecoms specialist, you were not predestined to democratize the sale of organic products online. Why did you embark on this adventure? That is not exactly Kyrgyzstan Email List correct. From the end of the 90s, I worked for the host of the first French e-commerce sites. In addition to the valuable lessons that I was able to draw from it, accompanying the emergence of so many web projects made me want to create my own e-commerce company . Another point, I have always been sensitive to ecological issues. That’s why, when a friend told me about the success of green e-commerce in the US, I was immediately won over by the idea. Inspired by this trend, Greenweez only started with ecological non-food products. It was our customers who pushed us to expand our offer to organic food products that they rarely found online.

Thus, our business has evolved thanks to the feedback of our customers . Our initial ambition, which aimed to facilitate access to ecological products, was thus oriented towards organic food. This approach illustrates our philosophy: “committed not perfect”. We rely a lot on our suppliers and our customers to move forward and bring our contribution to the building. Charbon Binchotan What have been your main challenges during these 11 years of existence? The management of very strong growth induced and increased tenfold by societal development. The structuring of the company, linked to the many hires to support growth. We must resolve these challenges while remaining stuck on our values ​​and our reason for being. Indeed, respecting our model means having success while being irreproachable from an ethical point of view and this is not negotiable.

What are your next projects and challenges?

After more than 10 years of existence, you have undeniably been a pioneer in the market. How did you assess the potential and sustainability of the online organic market? I don’t think we really anticipated things. Rather, we have progressed with agility by creating, first of all, a brand and a department to test. We then developed the offer according to performance. We have undoubtedly proceeded naively by following the movement set in motion by our clients. Driven by success, we have gradually expanded the ranges and universes, taking inspiration, as “novices”, from the retail practices that we observed. It is often difficult to presume the potential of a market. So we learned as we went, including from our mistakes. We have thus seen the importance of the shelf size effect, allowing us to appear as a relevant player in new categories, where we are not referents.


In this sense, it is essential to invest to reach an assortment size large enough to emerge. This was our case in organic cosmetics. Even if the first performances do not encourage it, it is necessary to continue to develop its offer to reach this critical size. What state of mind should we adopt and what qualities should we mobilize to succeed in such an innovative project? We rely on the agile concept of “test & learn” , relatively common to start-ups. On the other hand, I believe a lot in the concept of debriefing. You have to capitalize on it and take advantage of it to improve and progress. Finally, it is important to disseminate our vision to embark our teams and help them to project themselves, by understanding how they can contribute to the growth of the company. The rest is done quite naturally.

What are your secrets of such longevity?

What place does innovation occupy in your success? How important is it to you? I’m not particularly fond of big concepts. We do indeed want to be innovative but, I repeat, it is the customer who is, above all, at the center of our concerns. We are constantly on the lookout for that little extra to meet the expectations of our still unfulfilled customers. This is what makes us move and launch new services! How do you ensure that your growth is as virtuous as the values ​​of your products? We are driven by a will and a business project that is in itself virtuous. Indeed, our activity carries meaning and values. In fact, this is helping us and is clearly going in the right direction. Thus, growing is not at odds with our values.

While growth and virtuous values ​​are not incompatible, the main thing is that they are shared and lived by everyone in the company. In this way, everyone is responsible for it. Body and face soap Did your takeover by Carrefour in 2016 have an impact on this alignment? First of all, we were only partially redeemed. In fact, our financial investor has been replaced by an industrial player, an agro-food expert and committed to a food and ecological transformation plan. It makes a lot more sense in my opinion. It should not be forgotten that Carrefour was the first brand to sell an organic product in France, as well as the leading organic seller in France. Also, we must admit that specialized distribution will not be able to provide access to and feed everyone with organic food.

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