Develop your network of ambassadors Identifying influencers in your sector allows you to create a new point of contact and support for your publications, and thus increases your notoriety. Provided of course that the contents are of quality, the influencer will allow this to be relayed to his large audience. Analyze your results Analyzing its results well will allow you to use them to improve your future campaigns even more. The different indicators to take into account are the evolution of the number of subscribers, the average reach per publication, the average engagement rate, as well as the virality of your publications (tweets, retweets, shares, etc.). If you need advice in developing a social media campaign, or if you need help in defining even an effective strategy for your business, do not hesitate to contact our experts , they will know how to inform you and accompany you!

It is also necessary to set up a moderation process, according to your needs: manual or automatic, it all depends on the solicitation of visitors and the brand’s objectives: Set up a content strategy This step is essential if you want to maintain the interest of your subscribers while attracting others. Thus, content creation can go through in-house production, or through purchase or co-production. In addition, the management of formats is just as important as it must be Morocco Phone Number List and adapted according to the platforms. Monitoring your sector is essential to keep abreast of emerging trends and best practices on social networks. Boost your publications with media buying Publication sponsorship helps attract more visitors, by targeting the audience you want to reach. It is thus possible to carry out test campaigns on different audiences to identify new growth drivers, and recruit new subscribers.

Define Your Goals

Define your editorial personality According to its objectives, and especially according to the image that the brand wants to convey, different aspects of the editorial line emerge: It is this personality that will define the brand’s image on social networks and give it character: Define your editorial line In order to maintain a certain consistency, it is important to set a precise editorial calendar, with regular appointments. The idea is to set up recurring themes, such as product pushes, advice, sector news, etc. Any type of publication that seems relevant to you in relation to your sector. If you are interested in knowing how to build an effective editorial calendar, do not hesitate to consult our article on the subject . The frequencies of publication on social networks vary, you have to find the right balance not to flood your subscribers, while generating a maximum of engagement.


In this presentation, you will find out how to profit from social networks by starting with: Define your objectives and identify your audience pool Define your personality and editorial line Set up a content strategy Support publications with media buying Develop your network of ambassadors Analyze your results Define your goals It is possible via social networks to choose a well-defined objective before starting your campaign, whether you are looking to recruit fans for your page, or even if you want visitors to convert on your site, it is important to be clear and concise in the precision of the objective. Identify your audience In order to properly define its audience and define its editorial personality, as well as the tone to adopt in its publications, it is first necessary to collect various data on these profiles, in particular by identifying their areas of interest.

Define Your Editorial Personality

This April 19, while was present during the 3 days of the E-Marketing show in Paris , our two social media experts Thibaut Nicolas and Eddy Martial gave a conference on social networks. The subject ? ” The winning strategy for success on social networks “. For those who missed it, you can download the entire presentation here: The Winning Strategy for Social Media Success . And if you have any questions, or wish to entrust your social media strategy to expert hands, do not hesitate to contact us ! This method also involves studying the strategy of its competitors on social networks – in order to identify those to keep and those to avoid. This makes it possible to place oneself in its editorial line, because although the sector of activity is the same, the tone adopted is different according to the audiences and the strategies envisaged.

The challenge for companies is to become aware of the large amount of data they hold, and above all of the opportunities that this represents. The key to success today is the ability to intelligently analyze and use this data to guide your digital strategies and campaigns. This is where digital intelligence comes in. How can she make a difference? We will explain everything to you. Become aware of the data collected and their challenges. The era of the connected consumer actor It is obvious that the rise of the Internet and new technologies has revolutionized lifestyles and consumption. Today, consumers are hyper-connected, so they are better informed and more demanding. Anywhere and anytime, he can compare prices, read consumer reviews, see what your competition is offering, and more. Customer loyalty is more fragile because it is undermined by increasingly volatile consumers.

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