Yet they represent enormous potential for farmers. They allow them to stay informed of the latest news in the sector, but also to share their daily life and feel supported. 78% of farmers are connected to the Internet 20% of farmers say they are present on social networks 12% use them in a professional capacity. At a time of the agricultural crisis, farmers advocate the short circuit, that is to say a method of marketing agricultural products that is exercised either by direct sale from producer to consumer, or by indirect sale, provided that there is only one intermediary. (The Minister of Agriculture). As for consumers, more and more of them are attracted to sustainable, organic or local agriculture. They also want to know where the products they consume come from, reduce intermediaries and know the producers. This is why they favor short circuits more.

However, these tools, in particular social networks, are also of interest for the very activity of farmers and producers. A tool to make you known Because of industrial and intensive agriculture, small producers have been plunged into anonymity. But today, consumers want more transparency. They want to know where the products they buy come from and they are also eager for more fair and local consumption. It’s up to you to come out of anonymity Macedonia Phone Number List meet them. Go meet them where the majority of them are: on social networks. Creating a Facebook page for your operation or farm is the guarantee of making yourself known to 30 million potential consumers. Some small producers have seized this opportunity. The agricultural cooperative , created in autumn 2016 by 35 Alsatian producers to encourage direct sales, was present on social networks from the start of the project.

A Good Way To Sell Your Products

Connected agriculture: what can social networks do for you? We hear more and more about connected agriculture. And for good reason, the Internet represents a challenge for this sector of activity. Internet and social networks are tools used more and more by in particular for professional purposes (agricultural weather forecast, agricultural quotes, Facebook pages of suppliers, etc.). In just a few months, she amassed some 4,300 followers on Facebook. Connected agriculture: Facebook page If it is mainly producer cooperatives ( Nature et etc.) and intermediaries ( Le Local , La Ruche qui) who are present and active on social networks, that does not mean that you, in as an independent producer, you don’t belong there. Likewise, do not wait to get into e-commerce to make yourself known on social networks, like the Alsatian cooperative which brings together more than 5,700 subscribers on its Facebook page without having of merchant site.


On each of the Facebook pages mentioned above, we notice that publications are posted regularly. They introduce the producers, the crops and the products. They also don’t hesitate to solicit subscribers, interact with them and spark their interest with publications of interest to the consumer. Ah La a commercial site created by breeders, for example regularly publishes promotional offers. Connected agriculture: Facebook page Ah La For all supporters of the short circuit, this relationship is essential, and social networks are the ideal tools to (re) create this link. The Facebook page serves for example as a communication medium for their showcase site By showcasing products and their producers, or regularly posting recipe ideas, they use the page as a way to encourage consumers to come to the store. Here, the page acts as a link between the cooperative and consumers.

Connected Agriculture: What Can Social Networks Do For You?

In the field of agriculture, and more specifically connected agriculture, social networks are still underused. Social networks then appear as an ideal lever to recreate this lost link between farmers and consumers. Find out how social media will help you connect with consumers and even sell your products. A way to get closer to consumers The interest of social networks is to easily establish a bond of proximity and trust with consumers. A powerful lever to sell your image “The short circuit is first and foremost about communication: we don’t sell a product, we sell an image. As soon as we talk about image, digital and there. Digital is a vector of the intangible. ” Jacques economist specializing in rural and agricultural economy Social networks are above all a tool to sell your image. Thanks to them, you can present your approach, your operation and your production.

Is a farmer-breeder who is very active on Twitter, where he does not hesitate to be as transparent as possible, especially in terms of health regulations. A good way to sell your products As we have just seen, social networks are essential to publicize your operation and the people who work there. They are an excellent tool to promote your products and allow you to connect easily and effectively with your consumers. Not attending would be a mistake, especially if you are going to sell your products online. Telling a story, a real one, around your products appeals to consumers. They are also won over by the transparency of your approach and the advice you can give them (preparation advice, for example). This is what will encourage them to order your products or to come and visit you on your farm.



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