A few weeks ago, my partner’s 77-year-old grandmother asked me what I do for a living. I could have just answered, “content marketing,” which Cape Verde Email List would have made perfect sense to some of my friends or anyone in the industry. But I knew those words would be like speaking another language in the ears of Grandma Danielle. You see, words mean very little if you don’t tailor them to the person you’re communicating with. It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it. You need to think about who you are talking to and how best to tailor the words so that they not only make sense, but allow you to address that audience. It’s all about the audience, and always has been, especially when it comes to digital marketing.

Summary Reconsider the sanctification of content 4 ways to put your audience first Understand your audience Stop streaming, start listening Take an integrated approach Get their attention Conclusion Reconsider the sanctification of content. According to VentureBeat, branded content has increased 800% since 2012, while shares on social media are down 89%. This tells us that despite producing more content , engagement decreases and exposure through content distribution is even more difficult. The average internet user views hundreds of messages a day, making it harder than ever to deliver yours. Our mission should be to reduce that noise rather than add to it.

4 ways to put your audience first

While I still believe that content is central to your SEO and marketing strategy in general, I think we need to better understand the purpose of content first. And stop with the relentless urge to create random content for fun. In a world of content creators, we are bombarded with content from all directions. There are even articles on how to optimize your yawn (thanks Gwyneth Paltrow ). Do we really have to be told how to yawn? Content should always be thoughtful, useful and have its place. If no one reads it or is interested in it, what good is it? Create for your reader, prospect, or loyal follower that you know and understand, and create content they’ll love. It’s as simple as that.The public is the real king.


4 ways to put your audience first Understand your audience Build a complete snapshot of your target audience. I’m not just talking about their middle age or gender, but their interests, what they like and dislike, and how they like to consume content. Use data analytics to study their behavior and interactions with your existing content Ask questions on topics of interest through surveys and polls Use Social Listening tools to explore their preferred interests Generate a list of pain points, most frequently asked questions and questions they ask This will help you create marketing personas that you can align your content strategy with .

Stop streaming, start listening

Stop streaming, start listening Many companies fall into the trap of shouting loudly in the hope of being heard. This often has the opposite effect. Think first and foremost about why this topic might interest your audience, what problem it might solve, or why it will help them. Use natural language and make an emotional connection with that audience. Telling stories and drawing inspiration from real life experiences are also very effective. To give a crude example: if I am looking for a good caterer for my wedding, I will be more sensitive to the experience shared by my friends Jonathan and Elise and their guests who tasted delicious local dishes during their ceremony, rather to be bombarded with classic and promotional advertisements from local caterers. What may be of interest to you is not necessarily what your audience wants to hear.

Take an integrated approach When planning or writing content, distribution is key. It’s about presenting yourself in front of the right people, in the right way. Using a cross-channel approach when launching a product or delivering content will allow you to reach your audience at all touch points. But consistency is important: make sure every channel is connected and that the user’s journey is as smooth as possible. Get their attention To stand out, your content may need a little help with its design. You can achieve this by creating content in video format, or by displaying your content alongside an infographic or interactive element. Get creative and think outside the box to get your words picked up by the media and then grab the attention of users as they scroll through their news feeds.


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