The quality of the content depends on the quality of social interactions. Conversations Anytime, Anywhere, In All Forms Social Netherlands Phone Number List networks offer brands the opportunity to engage in conversations of all types. And these are exploding on different social platforms: 575 likes and 81 comments every second on Instagram, 100,000 tweets sent every minute, 5 million articles pinned per day on Pinterest, 6 billion hours of video viewed by months on YouTube. Each social media is a free forum, a sounding board that opens up a specific and codified communication space. The variety of social media reflects the full range of modalities of human expression Facebook pages look more and more like train stations.

Between the photos of the youngest, slipping promos to seize and brand messages and the news feed is a motley succession of snatches of conversations that often echo in the void to form a hubbub. Forums are spaces for public or private discussion that are as many places of listening, exchange and mutual aid: we come with a particular concern or a specific question and we hope to have the listening or the solution. adapted to his problem. Blogsare prolix and multiple: diary, travel diary, pole of expertise… bloggers use their keyboard to give their opinion, recount their experience, expose their passion. These positions are conducive to comments and discussions. Twitter allows you to tell what is happening where you are, to testify in real time, to relay an event, news,

The Quality Of Interactions Depends In Particular On The Quality Of The Content

Vine is a mobile application for making short video clips of 6 seconds maximum that run in a loop, an invitation to artistic creation and journalistic micro-reportage. Pinterest, SnapChat, Youtube, Google+, etc. , a proliferation of social universes present internationally and on mobile applications, platforms with many social features, with multiple advertising offers. The diversity of social media offers all players new ways of using it and interacting with it. The quality of interactions depends in particular on the quality of the content Due to a lack of time, or of understanding of the issues, a certain number of brands are content to distribute standard content and race to the fans: many contests, promotions, cosmetic photos, “Like if you like” message. These requests nourish competitors and opportunists of all stripes,


which does not help to build a constructive and lasting relationship with its audiences. What fuels the conversations is the listening and the quality of the interactions based on the added value of the published content. It is therefore necessary to have clear objectives, a good understanding of the expectations and devote the necessary time to them. However, time is a scarce commodity for companies, as in the digital world. The social presence of on / offline companies is a challenge! For a brand’s social media strategy to bear fruit, it must therefore reconcile four constraints : having a sufficient audience; regularly publish content that has added value for its audience; multiply the points of contact to reach its targets where they are in their context of use; and finally have resources accordingly.

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The company must also adapt to technological developments and new uses. The next big challenge after mobile: connected objects. Recommendation of our expert Understand and use Facebook for your brand: Promote and develop your presence on Facebook Facebook has become an essential platform for developing its image, its notoriety, generating traffic and increasing its influence. Optimize your presence on the largest social platform. Duration: 1 days – Next session: May 28, 2018 See the full program The key success factors of a Social CRM strategy: Making the voice of the customer heard by the right interlocutor Social CRM integrates the use of social media as a new channel for processing customer relations.

Facilitating interactions between the brand and its ecosystem is the new challenge to be taken up. Duration: 2 days – Next session: June 4 and 5, 2018 See the full program Digital Marketing Certification course: Define your digital strategy, design the e-marketing plan Digital marketing offers new opportunities to develop your brand and generate growth. This course provides the conceptual and methodological keys to build its strategy, execute and manage its actions from the webmarketing plan. Duration: 9 days – Next session: From May 28 and 29, 2018, June 21 and 22, 2018, July 19 and 20, 2018 and from September 10 to 12, 2018 in Paris See the full program

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