The new copyright law comes into force at the end of October. The media must modify their sites to maintain optimal SEO on Google. At the end of October 2019, the new copyright law will enter into force in France. This is the Italy WhatsApp Number List of a European law passed in the spring. Direct consequence of this new law: the visibility of the media will be very degraded on Google . Only the title of the article will be visible, unless the media accepts that other content (extract, illustrative image, video, etc.) be used in the search results. For a media outlet, declaring that you agree to be fully referenced is quite simple – but you must do so if you want your images, in particular, to be associated with your articles on all Google products (search results, Discover.

Google categorizes websites considered to be European news sites and is currently warning the administrators of these sites by email: On this email, two links are important: the first allows you to indicate to Google that you are not a media; the second explains the procedure to be carried out so that your articles remain fully referenced on Google. We summarize it below. To ensure that your articles are always fully referenced, you must add new attributes to the tag of your web pages. They allow you to indicate if your images can be recovered (and up to what resolution); whether texts can be retrieved (and up to how many characters); and if your videos can be recovered (and up to how many seconds). It’s all a matter of choice.

The Consequences Of The New Copyright Law

Media that want to keep their SEO will have to change their META tag and adjust the settings to their preferences. Those who do not wish to be referenced as today can ignore this announcement. They will not be paid by Google and their visibility will be reduced to nothing. Law n ° 2019-775 of July 24, 2019 “tending to create a neighboring right for the benefit of press agencies and press publishers” will come into force in France at the end of October 2019. It is about the transposition of the European directive 2019/790 on copyright adopted last spring. France is the first European country to transpose these new community rules into national law. To comply with this new law, Google is adapting. Several possibilities could be envisaged: the remuneration of the media referenced on Google.


The closure of Google News or the delisting of the media in France… Google will not go that far, but the Mountain View firm will not remunerate the media for all that. Google announces a change in its search results in France. The consequence of this law on the posting of news results in France Google announces that the appearance of news results will be changed (see diagram above). Today, for each article referenced, Google can display a title, a link, or even an article preview: an illustrative image and / or a few words extracted from the article. Google says that “these titles and previews help you decide if the result matches your search and if you want to click on it . ” When the law comes into force in France, Google will remove these previews. All European publishers are affected, as well as all Google services.

How To Declare That You Accept To Be Well Referenced On Google

We will no longer display a preview of the content in France for European press publishers, unless the publisher has taken the steps to let us know that it is their wish. The good news, for media outlets who want to cooperate with Google (read: get free listing), is that they can now report it. This is a voluntary process on the part of the media, which explicitly indicates that it accepts to be referenced correctly. Media articles that do not explicitly want this will be less visible on Google. Only the title will be displayed; no image and no extract will be visible in the SERPs (as much to say that the click-through rate will drop…)Media may decide to remain visible on Google If you agree to be fully referenced on Google, without contribution, you must change the meta tag of your web pages.

New attributes allow you to indicate the dose of content that Google can recover: the size of the extract (number of characters), the size of the image (resolution) and the duration of the video extract. If you specify, Google will consider that you accept the use of these extracts. If you edit a media and want to maintain your visibility, this tutorial is for you: what the media must do to maintain their SEO on Google. This interpretation of the law by Google is likely to cringe the teeth of some politicians who still hoped to be able to bend Google with this law. Most of the media will undoubtedly come into line, by modifying their META tags, to maintain their visibility .

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