Google announces an update to its algorithm that ranks search results. The Core Update January 2020 was deployed on January 13 on Google. These updates of the algorithm, called “Core Update”, occur several times a year. They change the way Google ranks the pages of referenced sites in its search results. A new update, but little information The new Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List often brings its share of novelties… Google has not deviated from the rule by launching a new major update of its algorithm. It follows on from the previous one, which dated November 2019 and aimed to better understand the intentions in the queries of Internet users, in particular for local search. It was at the end of the day, on January 13, 2020, that the Mountain View firm announced on Twitter the deployment of its “Core Update”.

Without specifying the outlines of the modifications made, nor the pages that will be impacted. What we know: these major updates to Google’s algorithm are changing the way the engine will rank pages in its search results. SEO experts and professionals will have to be extra vigilant to anticipate possible future variations in their traffic, with its share of surprises, sometimes positive or negative, depending on the site. January Update: priority actions to be taken Once Google’s algorithm update is announced, two actions are to be expected. First, you will need to check your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to see if you see any increase or decrease in your organic traffic, compared to the previous period, and if your keywords are performing. she too affected.

A new update, but little information

Have any of them suffered an unexplained drop in recent days? Has the zero position you managed to land on a high traffic request move? SEO monitoring tools can also help you check these various indicators to better understand the changes that such an update from Google may have caused on your site. If the answer to these questions is positive: it means that your site was undoubtedly impacted by the “Core Update” of January 2020 launched by Google. What action to take? Either way, don’t panic. The best thing is to properly analyze all the data you have at your disposal: common points that you could find on several impacted pages, an evolution in the queries concerned and the various Google devices (featured snippets, etc.).



Do not act in a rush: modifying pages that are already referenced could have other more harmful consequences on your organic traffic. Analyzing all of these points carefully and taking longer-term actions remains the best advice for anticipating these updates launched regularly by Google. reports are manually editable, exportable and downloadable in Excel or PPT. It is also possible to download all the posts, so as not to go through screenshots. Stellar goes beyond a simple post analysis, you can also calculate the Return On Investment of your campaigns. You can indeed track traffic thanks to tracked product links generated directly on the platform and analyze the ROI by campaign and influencer. This business and conversion aspect is very interesting to have, again, a concrete vision centered around the KPIs of your campaigns and your results. In use, Stellar is very interesting.

January Update: priority actions to be taken

The solution is very easy to learn and well designed. We appreciate the platform’s data and KPI vision. Stellar is there to give you figures and results on your influencing actions. Everything is focused around data and designed to provide you with an ROIst view of your campaigns. In a still very nebulous environment, this type of platform is particularly welcome. Regarding prices , pricing is based on needs. The solution is in fact organized in modules, which you can activate or not according to your problems and your budget. The price is then a function of the number of influencers followed. which discourages the prospect. Customer relationship / loyalty : establish popular points of contact after the purchase to solve problems (after-sales service) and retain customers, the conversational mode being one of the best levers of satisfaction

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