We also recommend that you subtitle them, so Internet users can watch them without any problem while they play automatically in their feed. In general, it is important to create impactful visuals to try to integrate emotion generators and messages that can be remembered by Internet users, even if they spend only a second. As we see drastic changes in the way we communicate, especially with the advent of mobile use, these transformations bring with them their share of opportunities. Brands have more ways to be creative, and creativity is what will make them stand out! And if you want to get into visual first communication on mobile, we have a host of experts in the field at your disposal: from the conception of the idea to its implementation, success on social networks is not that just a click away !

While the visual remains the key word of communication on social networks, Facebook continues to open its doors wide to advertisers, by offering increasingly innovative publication formats adapted to smartphones . Like the Facebook Canvas format , immersive and mixing videos, storytelling, visuals of all kinds. A format that surpasses all the others in terms of viewing and click-through rate! creativity and storytelling In another style, Facebook has also recently Slovenia Phone Number List the Collection format , suitable for merchants, it comes in the form of a large catalog of products, among which the user can easily navigate. Optimize your visuals Many brands make the mistake of reusing the same version of a TV ad for social networks, but it is recommended that you avoid ads that require sound for it to be understood: although we consult our phone dozens of times by day, being able to quietly watch a video with sound becomes complicated.

Why Is Ad Creativity Even More Important On Mobile?

While there is no magic formula to be successful on social media, these contextual elements should be taken into account by marketers if they want to have a chance to engage their audience. Exploit social data Mobile publications generate interactions , and therefore data, like nowhere else . All this data gives advertisers the power to accurately analyze the feedback from their audience, which then allows them to redouble their creativity to adapt their message even more. To reach an audience, you have to understand it, and to understand it, you have to know how to observe and listen to it. The data collected on one campaign can provide crucial information for the development of the next, to optimize targeting and appearance for ever more impact. Storytelling reinvented As said before, mobile use is totally redefining the way brands should tell their stories.


Why is ad creativity even more important on mobile? In this study – conducted in the United States – we learn, for example, that mobile users spend an average of 1.7 seconds per content, and that nearly half of adults consult their smartphone at least 30 times a day. Mobile first, visual first A unique use, which forces us to rethink the content that would seem the most appropriate to such habits. Users spend little time on each content, and moreover, photo and video applications are the most used on smartphones. Thus it will be necessary to adapt the visual content to the smartphone screen, which differs from that of television by its verticality. And the study also shows that everyone’s expectations differ depending on the platform: the user does not expect the same type of publication on Facebook or Instagram for example.

How To Embrace This Creative Transition On Mobile?

What should be taken into account when serving ads? With mobile use taking up more and more space and changing our consumption habits, brands have no other choice but to adapt to this new mode of communication. Goods and services have changed, but also content, which has had to be transformed in order to be able to integrate into the smartphone journey. Square videos, vertical formats, less text and more images in general: mobile gives a whole new definition to storytelling . Facebook IQ conducted a study of more than 2000 advertisements broadcast on the network, and gives us in an infographic the results of this survey on the new rules of creativity on mobile, which are very different from those applied everywhere else. creativity of ads on Facebook and Instagram How to embrace this creative transition on mobile? What conclusions can be drawn from these changes?

This adapted route is also part of the brand’s multi – channel logic , within which the user can choose his means of communication, whatever his request. Thus within the park, and this thanks to the application, the user is for example recommended restaurants at lunchtime, or receives an alert when the park is approaching to give him time to enjoy the shops. personalized Opportunities translated into the different formats and strategies of the brand These three main principles are applied in the customer relationship management process , the “personalized” side thus makes it possible to collect data , which will be useful for future or marketing opportunities. Few brands can truly claim to be “channel agnostic”, however How then to be sure to optimize your advertising budget on Facebook, without being too hasty or too careful to spend it? We have decrypted for you the prices.

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