Google’s cross-device remarketing, your ad campaign can reach users who have visited your website before, regardless of the device they are using. Let’s take an example. Ms. Martin went from her office computer to your website. She spotted a pretty dress, but didn’t make a purchase since she was at work and it was rather inappropriate. When she comes home from work in the metro, she searches the Internet for recipe ideas for dinner and sees an advertisement for your site. She told herself that this pretty dress would still be perfect for this summer. And then, as she has to get off at her station, she puts her smartphone away. In the evening, at home, comfortably installed on her sofa, she takes her tablet to watch the TV program. Once again, she comes across one of your advertisements inviting her to complete her purchase.

How to prepare my visit?). “Personalized”, a personalized route for each profile Moreover, his information is recorded only once, and is available regardless of the channel on which he is browsing: thanks to this information, Disneyland can also offer each user a personalized route (“personalized”) according to his profile. Facebook Ads, and Senegal Phone Number List functioning of the platform in the management of budgets and broadcasts. To find all the formats available on Facebook, and to learn about advertising on the network, do not hesitate to consult our dedicated thematic guide . What is the price of Facebook Ads? The cost of an ad on Facebook can be defined as cost per click (CPC), cost per view (CPV), cost per action (CPA) – you only pay if a particular action is taken, like Like or Share – or at cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

A Little Reminder On Cross-device Remarketing

These costs are not fixed, however, and vary depending on several factors that we will detail below, such as competition, and the relevance of the format and targeting of the ad, or even the country where you are located. It is therefore quite difficult to precisely define the cost of an ad on Facebook, due to the wide variety of factors taken into account for each ad: thus the average Cost Per Click in France in 2016 is € 0.23, the cost of installing an application is higher and is generally around 1.26 € and a Cost Per Like costs on average 0.30 € – a price that can vary, we have already had the opportunity to work for example with CPJs around 0.10 €. No more TV advertisements broadcast on social networks, on the contrary, it is necessary to adapt the formats.


Google Analytics users, this week you may have received an email or seen an alert message when you logged into your account. You vaguely understood that this was multi-device remarketing (or cross-device remarketing) also known as retargeting . Google Cross Device Remarketing Don’t panic, this is good news! What does this change mean? What will this bring you? We’ll everything here. A little reminder on cross-device remarketing Google announced last September, during Advertising Week, that ‘ a new advertising format would be offered on the AdWords platform . The remarketing cross-device the retargeting through an AdWords campaign , will allow you to reach users at any time of day, regardless of the device used (PC, smartphone and tablet) . The cross-device approach: an imperative to adapt to uses Cross-Device Remarketing New uses of the Internet have given rise to new consumption habits and a completely different purchasing path.

The Cross-device Approach: An Imperative To Adapt To Uses

(Source: Google) We also note that the device used varies during the day and depending on the days of the week. Thus, transactions carried out on a computer are done mainly during working hours, while those on mobile are done on weekdays early in the morning, in the evening and even more all weekend. Cross-device transactions Activity report on mobile commerce for the 2nd half of 2016 Online advertising must therefore adapt to these new practices, as Google is currently doing. Cross-Device Remarketing as seen by Google Previously announced by Google, the new feature will be available on the AdWords Display Network and on DoubleClick Manager from May 15. Cross-Device Remarketing With This time it’s a good time to buy, So if you want Mr. and Mrs. Martin to buy your products, you know what you have to do. A clue ?

In addition, it is often especially best to try to calm down and solve the problems of the most unhappy customers in private, and to avoid showing the public any overflow . Valuing the positive When the messages received are positive, and when the problems are solved in a tweet, you should not on the contrary hesitate to show it. Positive reviews and satisfied customers are the representation of successful customer service and proof of a brand that listens. Nothing like it to gain the confidence of other potential customers. Retweeting positive reviews encourages other consumers to do so, both promoting your offerings while conveying a positive brand image. Another definite competitive advantage ! There are many practices, but the important thing is to always be understanding and attentive: leading a community is a task for experts, do not hesitate to contact us !

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