In a study carried out with, Adobe sets the priorities for companies in 2019 in terms of IT. The study “ Digital Trends: IT in the spotlight ” was conducted among 1,200 IT professionals in different countries. She asked them about their priorities, but also about the difficulties they are encountering. Two topics stand out in particular: customer Jamaica WhatsApp Number List and data security. They are more related than you might think. Data is playing an increasingly important role for businesses and consumers alike, and more and more. They are essential for delivering a personalized customer experience, but any doubts about their security and proper use can damage a company’s reputation.

It is therefore not surprising to find these two concerns at the top of the external issues that most concern IT professionals, faced with possible technical malfunctions, which are also very close to the customer experience. Staying one step ahead of technological innovations only comes in fourth place. These two themes logically come up in the IT initiatives most likely to be considered a priority. Leading the way is the deployment of an extensible digital platform for the dissemination of optimized customer experiences, ahead of the protection of company and customer data. Both figures are up compared to 2018. Optimizing the mobile experience to facilitate work mobility comes next, as does the improvement of digital workflows, especially with cloud tools. While

Increasingly Important Role For Businesses

This subject of data security continues to gain importance in the work and considerations of IT professionals, the impact of this growing consideration of data protection on companies, in particular related to the GDPR , is considered in the majority of cases as positive (49%), more than in other services (36%). There is still work to be done on these singled out priorities, if respondents are to be believed. Almost half therefore consider their company to be immature or immature on the subject of customer experience. Regarding the obstacles encountered in the face of digital transformation, the budget this year takes first place, ahead of the difficulty of integrating new tools and existing systems, which has fallen to second place.


The lack of a common vision is third, the compartmentalization between services fourth. Finally, the study looked at the most promising prospects for the next three years. The Internet of Things is far ahead of IT professionals, as other business functions focus on delivering personalized experiences in real time. Harnessing artificial intelligence and robotics to drive campaigns and improve experiences completes the podium. It seems that small accounts (nano and micro-influencers) are the ones that most often mention brands in their posts. They’re also the ones with the best engagement results on their posts. here is no limit of recipients, you can add as many as needed. Once the campaign is sent, your entire mailing list will receive an email with the post to share.

Subject Of Data Security

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