Xavier Ducurtil is Strategic Marketing Director at Covéa, the French leader in automobile and home insurance, which brings together the MAAF, MMA St. Pierre and Miquelon Email List and GMF brands. At Covéa, Xavier Ducurtil is in charge of the Ambition Client transformation plan 2020 which aims to adapt the group to digital transformation. The Ambition Client 2020 plan affects all of the group’s entities. BUSINESS QUESTION What is the major marketing issue in your business right now? 1 / An inevitable evolution and a global refocusing on the customer. The digital wave has changed consumer practices and behaviors so much that all companies are forced to really focus on customer, really! Whereas before it was more words, now it is actions, resource allocations and client-oriented programs.

At Covéa, we have drawn up a plan called Client Ambition 2020 which allows us to adapt to these new customer behaviors and uses. It is indeed a customer plan and not a digital plan. For us, digital is everywhere, it is a means to improve the customer experience. 2 / The fight for simplicity The success factor that is gaining ground in the market is simplicity. Digital has made things simple. The best digital players have made it easy for customers. Customers get used to this simplicity and therefore there is an imperative to produce simplicity. It calls into question a lot of things in marketing. Overall simplicity: offers, processes, customer experience. Before, people accepted to quote in 150 questions. Today, they no longer accept it. There is an imperative of simplicity and therefore of efficiency.

What Is The Major Marketing Issue In Your Business Right Now?

3 / Data The insurer’s business is 100% based on data. The new capabilities that have been developed to collect, store, analyze and use data are a revolution in themselves. So there is a huge challenge. Data is becoming a major differentiator. Digital is not a goal but the cause of changes in customer behavior, and therefore of brand reactions, and therefore of marketing. This digital transformation movement was undertaken 3 years ago. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION QUESTION How do you organize yourself today in the face of new customer journeys? We organize ourselves by pooling as much as possible the technological elements in the service of the brands because we do not have a minute and a cent to lose in dispersion. All of this requires resources which are quite scarce.


So if we start to disperse these resources, we are not efficient. We are therefore also moving towards simplifying our resources so as to be more efficient. We do everything we can to promote the greatest simplicity and fluidity of these journeys to produce the best customer experience. For that, we measure systematically. We have broken down our customer experience into stages and we measure our efficiency at each stage. We work structurally in the improvement step by step, identifying the irritants well at each step, and finding solutions to treat them. At the same time, we treat the dissatisfied client by client. So we measure both the efficiency of the journeys and the customer satisfaction in order to transform it. These are cross-brand programs.

How Do You Organize Yourself Today In The Face Of New Customer Journeys?

There are a lot of initiatives and projects in our Client Ambition 2020 program, which is gradually transforming and modernizing the customer experience to make it a competitive advantage. We are the leader in auto and home insurance and we want to be the leader in customer experience! This obviously requires strong digitization and therefore a strong transformation of these experiences. We are in a race with our customers. Customer expectations advance very quickly and we must keep pace with these expectations. Insurance starts late. Result: we run! BUSINESS QUESTION It is said that today data is key in marketing. What do you think ? (Or do you practice data marketing?) 100% agree. Data is the raw material for marketers of today and tomorrow. It is a raw material which is less and less expensive.

So, this is both an opportunity and a difficulty because marketers have not been trained. Today, most marketers have been trained in 4Ps. We still teach 4P in large schools. Marketers therefore have a strong product & distribution culture. Tomorrow, they will have to have an even stronger customer and data culture. Before, we imagined a campaign and we looked for clients for this campaign. Now we analyze customer data and imagine the campaign that goes with it. So it’s a complete reversal of the marketing process. It is important ! It causes that, the data. It is a movement that must be accompanied, which requires training, which requires education and a lot of creativity.

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