Chief digital officer, Product manager, Chief data officer… digital and data are full of new jobs. But how to navigate? We have identified for you France Mobile Number Database some key functions that have emerged. ISM Team Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Digital and Data are full of new professions. But how to navigate? We have identified for you some key functions that have emerged: >> Chief Digital Officer Managing a digital team, this digital specialist and change pilot is responsible for the adaptation and digital transformation of a company. >> Product Manager He is the product conductor in web businesses. Guarantor of the project roadmap, he works in agile mode with the marketing,

sales and technical teams. >> Chief Data Officer Data ambassador, he guides the company in formulating a strategy that will make the best use of the data at its disposal. >> DevOps Both web developer and system engineer, he improves the responsiveness and quality of the information system. >> Chief Marketing Technologist (CMTO ) IT director dedicated to marketing, he makes the most of information technology to improve the customer experience. >> Data scientist Half hacker, half analyst, he uses the complex data of an organization to derive added value. >> Data analyst Relying on statistical techniques and computer tools, he creates and models databases and ensures their proper functioning. >> Data miner A master of data analysis, his goal is to offer the right offer to the right customer at the right time via the right channel.

>> Chief Marketing Technologist (Cmto )

>> Data manager or Data project manager Responsible for the basic data, he creates them, ensures their reliability as well as their transmission. >> IT project manager Technical expert, he ensures the implementation of an IT project and ensures its smooth running. >> Growth hacker Its objective is to accelerate growth. For this, he uses smart, agile and inexpensive digital marketing, design and programming techniques. [dt_gap height = ”30 ″] Recommendation of our expert Want to know more ? To immerse yourself in data marketing or acquire an IT culture? Our expert recommends three short and comprehensive training courses: Data marketing Communicating, promoting and selling its products more effectively, by finely adapting to customer expectations, needs and habits,


has become possible using data. This internship gives you the concrete methods to set up your own data marketing strategy. Duration: 2 days – Next session: July 16 and 17, 2018 Data mining for marketers Data mining, scoring, data visualization, machine learning, business intelligence… Behind these somewhat complex names hides a real potential for analyzing the data you have, then detecting and exploiting concrete opportunities. This internship provides you with a methodology that is both strategic and operational, allowing you to design your own action plan step by step. Duration: 2 days – Next session: June 7 and 8, 2018 IT culture for marketers Dialogue between CMOs and CTOs is an essential component for business development. To make this collaboration productive,

Recommendation Of Our Expert

both departments must have the right tools to improve mutual understanding. This training provides you with the fundamental knowledge to understand the challenges and the world of IT (information technology). Duration: 1 day – Next session: May 31, 2018. Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence process through which a system acquires new knowledge, improves and evolves on its own. This principle is not new, but ..Machine Learning is an artificial intelligence process, through which a system acquires new knowledge, improves and constantly evolves, on its own. This principle is not new, but its applications are today exponential thanks to the emergence of Big Data! Thus, advertising optimization algorithms make it possible to optimize the effectiveness of creations and continuous campaigns. Machine learning is also the strength of chatbots, which are able to analyze conversation dropouts and questions asked several times,

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