At the dawn of the year 2021, and after a year of new upheavals in the uses of social networks , brands have had to face new challenges and  Norway Phone Number List adapt to the colossal boom in new trends on the networks. More innovative, they now tend to capture more a demanding target, that of millenials and Z generation . Snapchat , TikTok or even Twitch , between proximity and true creative territory, discover how to innovate in your communication by capitalizing on the social networks of today and tomorrow, to make the most of a social media universe in constant transformation. social media 2021 TikTok: the new El Dorado After a meteoric rise in power in 2020,

TikTok has established itself as an essential platform for brands wishing to capture the interest of millennials and generation Z. Emblem of “one shot” content cherished by young audiences, the The application is attracting more and more brands and influencers who have come to take advantage of the opportunities linked to new digital uses. In addition, the social network plans to develop on the e-commerce side through a partnership with Shopify in 2021. To make a name for yourself on TikTok and thus make the most of this upcoming opportunity,

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bet on the virality of the content with brand challenges in collaboration with one or more influencers. Snapchat: The pioneer of the genre A pioneer of mobile first, Snapchat is a privileged channel for reaching a young and connected audience. Indeed, according to a report published by the social network entitled “The New Normal”, 90% of 13-24 year olds are present on Snapchat. If the little ghost app is so successful, it’s because it combines several key trends, in the process of redefining our relationship with social media: The augmented reality , democratized by filters now adopted by Instagram and Messenger, is a particularly effective engagement lever. Riding the boom in user-generated content, several brands have already used Snapchat filters to set up virtual fittings of their new collection or simply place their products in user selfies. The QR codes ,


briefly out of fashion but never abandoned by Snapchat, are now their comeback. These Snapcodes can be scanned from another screen, an advertising poster or any other surface to redirect the user to your website, to a new filter, a video … The principle is simple, interactive, fun and opens the door to endless creative possibilities. Snapchat is the cradle of so-called “snackable” content , in other words content to be consumed quickly, and which is now emerging as an essential video format in accordance with post-Covid uses. In its report, Snapchat provides for an average of 100 minutes of videos viewed per day and per user, something to consider investing in this more than promising lever.

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Instagram: At the forefront of new uses In response to the boom in e-commerce caused by the Covid-19 crisis, Instagram unveiled its Shops section , which allows brands to highlight their products on their profile in a dedicated section, and users to discover and buy without having to leave the app . A new, immersive full-screen shopping experience that allows you to immerse users in your brand universe with all the features of a classic e-commerce store, without having to draw them from their browsing on the social network. On the Reels and Stories side , Instagram continues to innovate with new features that portend a continued transition to this dynamic ,

short and vertical content that flourishes day after day in the social media sphere. In 2021, brands on Instagram will have to capitalize on this trend by opting for creative, concise and entertaining content to reach millennials and Gen Z in their new uses. social media 2021 Twitch: Reconnect and unite A booming live streaming platform , Twitch is, for brands, much more than a traditional social network on which to promote its offer. With an audience mainly made up of young people and gamers , Twitch offers a privileged space to reach a target that shows more and more distrust of brands. In addition, the use of a streaming platform to get closer to your community during a pandemic seems obvious. Far from being exclusively a gaming platform, Twitch also offers you the possibility of interacting actively with your audience on different subjects, through various live video formats,

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