Personalize to rule better The use of digital intelligence is the key to the success of a segmented, personalized and scripted strategy according to the needs and expectations of your customers. Without in-depth customer knowledge, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to relevantly personalize your offer, your advertising campaigns or the experience your customers expect. It is even very likely that your digital strategy does not reach your target. Wanting to take advantage of Big Data is good, but you shouldn’t go headlong. Above all, you have to ask yourself the right questions and think about your objective according to your situation and your activity. The analysis of the data collected and the resulting customer knowledge will certainly not be the same depending on your objective. Once the objective has been defined and the data analyzed, you can surround yourself with professionals to take advantage of digital intelligence.

We are well aware that the raw data collected can be considerable depending on your activity, but there are dedicated tools to manage it. CRM 360 or DMP, for example, centralize all data in one place. This will allow you to cross data more easily and refine your customer knowledge. Towards a 360 ° view of the customer The forms provide you with declarative data (name, age, sex, etc.); social networks give you demographic and behavioral data relating to Namibia Phone Number List use (interactions, connection habits, etc.); your website provides you with transactional data related to purchases; … All of this data processed with a view to digital intelligence will help you refine your customer knowledge. Knowing your customers is not only knowing their age, location or income, it is also knowing their behaviors, habits, needs and expectations. You need to have a 360 ° view of your customers.

Become Aware Of The Data Collected And Their Challenges

The growing amount of data collected necessarily implies a need to manage it. Marketers must evolve as the context in which they find themselves evolves. Today, competitiveness requires a customer-centric approach ( consumer centric ). It is through the use of the data in your possession that you will be able to carry out this strategy. Digital intelligence as a means of exploiting data Digital intelligence is the ability to understand the behavior of your customers in a well-defined context. To do this, you have to analyze the data from your website, social networks or your advertising campaigns, which is called first-party data . But you can also have other types of data, such as those of a business partner ( second-party data ) or those purchased from a data provider ( third-party data ). Digital intelligence means segmenting your customers and establishing personas in order to intelligently orient your digital strategy.


They also have another big advantage. It’s a powerful tool for getting to know your customers and the people interested in your brand . Believe in the promises of Big Data The whole issue of Big Data is not therefore limited to data collection. The ultimate objective is to analyze the data collected in order to better use it subsequently. This is how you will take full advantage of big data. Delivering the right message at the right time to the right person will be possible. But the most difficult part is not to collect the data, but to analyze it and cross it to bring out customer knowledge. By doing this, you will be able to adjust your strategy according to the expectations of your customers in order to reach your target. This is the whole point of digital intelligence to make better use of it thanks to digital intelligence

To Make Better Use Of It Thanks To Digital Intelligence

Each Internet user leaves traces of his passage on the Web, this is what feeds Big Data. Every day : 3.3 billion requests are made on Google; hundreds of millions of hours of videos have been watched on YouTube generating billions of views; 4.5 billion likes are distributed on Facebook. The Internet is an inexhaustible source of collected data, and social networks make a major contribution to it. Social networks, these mines of information The hundreds of millions of tweets sent every day or the billions of likes distributed daily on Facebook and Instagram are all data collected that says a lot about Internet users. This data even has a name: Big Social Data . Being present on social networks represents many opportunities, those to gain visibility, notoriety or to sell. Data-marketing: the new paradigm Traditional marketing is gone. Long live data-marketing!

This table may seem a little pessimistic, but, on the contrary, it leans where it hurts. The challenge today is to stand out from your competitors and reach your target thanks to a consumer-centric approach . You must seduce these consumer actors by meeting their expectations. And the one that takes precedence over all the others is the personalization of the offer and the customer experience . An exponential mass of data The democratization of the Internet and social networks has exploded the Big Data counters. The giants of the Web, commonly known as GAFA for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, know everything about us. They know our identity, our preferences, our location, our journeys, our needs, etc. It is from our searches on Google, our purchases on Amazon, our connection habits on Apple or our interactions on Facebook that our digital identity is being built .

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