Should we say digital agency or digital agency? That’s the question . But is it really the fight between Shakespeare and Voltaire that is the subject of debate? The agency has taken a stand. It will be a “digital agency”. We explain why. Digital or digital agency, what’s the difference? 1 – Digital or digital: the etymology Digital agency, the Anglo-Saxon version? Historically, “digital” is an Anglo-Saxon term which refers to two concepts: fingers (Latin root) and numbers. Indeed, ” digits “, we rarely know, also designates one of the 10 digits from 0 to 9. Meaning of digital in English Digital agency, the French version? The term “digital” is a translation of “digital” and denotes a representation by numbers. The French mention, like the Anglo-Saxon, refers to the binary functioning of the first computers, to the system 1 or 0. 2- Digital or digital: the debate!

On the subject, the debate is recurrent. Take the test in an article or in a conversation. If you use the term “digital”, you will be told that in France, the word “digital” means “with the fingers” and that the appropriate term is “digital”! No one escapes the linguistic tackle. Thus, in Les an article noted that the presidential candidates walked on eggshells to Brazil Phone Number List the correct terminology. 3- The evolution of “digital” and “digital” As we have just seen, neither of these two words had the meaning given to them today. It is through recent development that the terms “digital” and “digital” have acquired a meaning associated with new technologies. The controversy, which seems to upset some, is it well justified? Because words evolve, it is in their nature, and sometimes in an unpredictable or incongruous direction. Therefore, which is more relevant: digital agency or digital agency?

Digital or digital agency, what’s the difference?

Do not overlap: it will be remembered that French has the adjective numeric at its disposal ” . ( Source: Le Monde ). And in Le Petit Larousse illustrated 2014, we could read page 381: “ Digital: Not recommended. Digital ”. Something to smile about, when on the cover of the dictionary he is assailed: ” The world is changing, so are words “. Le petit Larousse dictionary Linguistics favorable to “digital” Some people laughed at the conservative dimension of the Académie . From a linguistic point of view, it is the use which prevails. In other words, depending on the message, the context or the interlocutor, the term “digital” or the term “digital” is more or less appropriate. It is likely that your grandmother is unfamiliar with the term “digital”, in which case it is better to use the term “digital”.


However, it is clear that the term “digital” in French and in English does seem to cover the same meaning in the use that is commonly made of it . In 2018, takes this into account and gives the following definition for the word “digital”: “ Synonym of digital ”. Digital: definition of Larousse Source Semantics unites digital and digital Semantics studies that is, what we want to say. In this regard, we note that the terms “digital” and “digital” carry nuances. Anthony, doctor in language and communication sciences, was interviewed on this subject by the Moderator’s Blog. He is pointing out that : The notion of “digital” is more linked to technology, that is to say to the actions of engineers. The notion of “digital” refers above all to user practice . This is the reason why, in the world of marketing, the term “digital” is used .

Why is Powertrafic a digital agency?

Linguistics, which studies phenomena linked to language, records these trends. We are indeed talking about “digital experience” and not “digital experience”. Therefore, do we mean the same thing when it comes to digital agency or digital agency? Not so sure that one is synonymous with the other. Why is a digital agency? 1- The 1980s versus the 2010s The word “digital” has been enriched by its polysemy. It is therefore widely used, especially since it is the only one of the two to be used as a name. Indeed, we do not say: “digital”, but “digital”. On the other hand, the adjective “digital” and the adjective “digital” are used together. If the term “digital” was very connoted in the 1980s as an Anglicism, it regained ground until the 2010s. Therefore, what to say at the dawn of 2018: digital agency or digital agency?

The French Academy slices for “digital” Faced with this open discussion in the newspapers, the French Academy has taken up this subject. In 2013, it positioned itself on the word “digital”. His choice is not surprising, if we consider that his role – among other things – is to fight against: “We will be careful not to confuse these two adjectives which belong to different languages ​​and whose meanings do not exist. 2- The digital agency The term “digital agency” seems little used. On the other hand, we note that in 2015 the Digital Agency was created . Attached to the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, it brings together the French Tech mission and the Very High Speed ​​plan. Of course, the Digital Agency has a Twitter account, to be followed. In addition, in 2017, a “digital agency” was founded by electricity and gas distributors and their representative associations.

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