John Mueller of Google provided details on how Google treats links in a disallowance file. He said on Twitter that the disavow link Cameroon Email List file is processed immediately but is taken into account when URLs are crawled again. Here is the discussion on Twitter: Last year, John Mueller said something similar, saying that Google will immediately process your disavowed links file but it will take some time for Google to disavow the links it contains. See the tweet below: This means that you can disavow a link today, but Google won’t fully process that disavowed link until the URL is recrawled. And of course, it may take a while for Google to revisit all of those URLs.

Few things are more frustrating for an e-commerce manager than seeing a portion of visitors abandon their shopping cart just before confirming the purchase. The same goes for most buyers who would prefer not to abandon their cart when they are at an advanced stage in the buying process. Most digital marketing agencies and other specialists are very focused on increasing traffic to the website. Only, once the visitor has arrived on the site, it is common not to worry about him again once he starts browsing. However, it is at this stage that the key to optimizing the conversion of your site lies. This is why we have identified in this article, seven tips that will allow you to increase conversions on your e-commerce by reducing shopping cart abandonment.

Create basic and simple forms

Cart abandonment is an e-commerce term used to describe a visitor to a web page who leaves that page before taking the desired action. Shopping cart abandonment refers to visitors who add items to their online shopping cart, but leave the page without checking out and completing that purchase. Here are the solutions to prevent too many visitors from abandoning their shopping cart on your merchant site. Use the best technology or CMS possible Technology is always the first factor we consider when working to reduce shopping cart abandonment. There are a large number of different e-commerce platforms, with their respective strengths and weaknesses.



Some are more customizable and easy to configure like Prestashop , Shopify or WooCommerce . Others require the intervention of a developer and a different configuration of the basic template like Magento . If you have a slow site, one that has a restrictive shopping cart process, or one that prevents you from analyzing factors that can cause abandonment, consider the change in technology. Be consistent with advertised prices and costs Early communication of prices often helps keep customers in their shopping cart and move them forward through the ordering process.The earlier you can show the subtotal and total with all charges, such as taxes and shipping included, the better.

How to optimize your conversion funnel?

It is not always possible to show overall costs before someone logs in or at least gives us their shipping address. However, there are ways to keep the price and contents of the cart in the foreground. Whether it’s putting the details in a sidebar, at the top of the screen, or some other prominent place, you need to stay transparent with the customer and not hide any costs from them . Likewise, if you are promoting heavily using a promo code that is not exclusive to certain customers, preload it in the “Discount Code” field in the order summary, or include it in evidence on the site. By not being clear and transparent about the prices of your products, you risk seeing some customers leave the site to consult discount coupon sites and get better prices, while feeling like they have been fooled. your site.

Worse ! Imagine that you and a friend of yours buy from the same site and they tell you that they bought the same product 20% cheaper thanks to a promo code that you had not seen. What would you say ? You would certainly be frustrated… to see deceived by the e-merchant who did not highlight this promotion for all his customers. The more unanswered questions, distractions, or reasons to leave your site during the ordering process, the more likely you are to lose people and see abandoned carts. Your shipping costs should be clear and straightforward Transport and shipping can be very complicated aspects of running an e-commerce.


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