Not all of them have the fortune of Iron Man or Batman. While social networks are constantly changing and releasing new updates and features, a few trends have emerged from the pack in recent months and seem to be a lasting part of the yet fluctuating habits of social network users. Here are the vectors to use if you want to optimize the rest of your social media budget for 2017. Live video Whether on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter or Instagram, all social platforms have the common goal of generating engagement . This issue is all the more relevant when it affects brands, which run accounts on social networks precisely to create commitment and thus form a community. The most engaging medium on social media is video , and if you add a notion of “ live ” to it, where users can react live, then you have the winning combo.

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Four Types Of Emotional-based Emailing Campaigns

Thanks to this leverage, banks and insurance companies improve their image with their subscribers, interact with them and generate interest. Used properly, this leverage can even lead to a conversion of leads into website visits, or even direct sales. However, a simple presence on social networks is not enough. We must put in place a Social Media strategy capable of improving and rejuvenating its image in order to create commitment. Discover now the 10 ways to attract attention on social networks when you are a bank or an insurance company. # 1 Use sports sponsorship to create engagement If there is one sector of activity that is adept at sports sponsorship, it is that of banking and insurance. To increase its notoriety, nothing better than an activity that conveys strong values ​​and unites many people. Marketers have understood this well.


It is up to you, professionals, to adapt to these new uses as well as to the needs and expectations of the consumer. Although Snapchat stories have been around since 2013, live streaming has become known to brands with its launch on Facebook in 2016, then on Instagram. also got involved by offering its own live streaming. How are banks and insurance companies reinventing their communication? While levels of trust in these sectors are often up and down, social networks allow communication to be rekindled. We can no longer count the players in finance who communicate on this subject on social networks. Among them, we can cite BNP Paribas with the Rolland Garros tennis tournament, AG2R La with the Tour de France or even La Banque with the Globe. According to Benchmarking in 2016, the Sponsoring communication of finance players on their social networks generated 49% of total commitments.

Seasonal Campaigns Playing On Events

So imagine promoting it. Social networks are interesting in that they allow you to develop storytelling and create attractive visuals around products that are not very engaging on paper. If we take the example of American Express, the results speak for themselves. On their Instagram account, we can see how bank cards are inserted here and there in scenes of life and enchanting landscapes. The cards travel and the subscriber is part of the journey. It’s quite a story that takes shape on the American Express Instagram account. Disneyland Paris is 2 theme parks, 15 million visitors per year, 5 hotels, with more than 6,000 rooms, making 22 km2 the most frequented tourist spot in Europe . With a turnover of around 1.37 billion euros for last year, Disneyland seeks to know its audience: the emotional and the privileged relationship with its customers are always at the center of its concerns.

There is nothing very attractive about selling a banking offer or an insurance product. Soon 25 years after the opening of the park, the brand knows that it must bet everything on an exceptional customer experience, accompanied by a loyalty strategy that meets the expectations of its visitors if it wants to keep its position as leader of the. Customer experience and satisfaction rate, key words of Disneyland Paris The Euro Disney group knows how to make the destination an unforgettable experience, thanks to a business model that has always been based on attention to detail. So much attention that Disneyland Paris transports its visitors to an exceptional brand universe: a positioning that allows it to post record attendance rates and a satisfaction rate that is close to 90% . However, maintaining this dream in the eyes of its visitors requires phenomenal work, up to the reputation of the park.


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