SEO (or natural referencing) is an important element of digital marketing, often confused with other elements such as: SEA, SMO, emailing, retargeting, etc. However, the use of SEO is not popular with business leaders. Why? Quite simply Luxembourg Phone Number List because this method is perceived as opaque, the language is also far too technical. Finally, setting up an SEO strategy takes time and requires constant work. However, this is the only way to gain visibility that is stable over the long term! The Internet allows you to reach the whole planet at a lower cost . It is therefore an extremely large market . It is therefore possible to buy everything you want online. And this trend will continue to increase as shown in this graph of annual spending on the internet.

Thus, by having a good SEO strategy, you will be able to control the positioning of your business in the search engine results . Indeed, 79% of clicks are made on the first 4 links of the results! How to optimize my SEO? As you can see in the image below, there are a multitude of factors that influence your SEO .
First, focus on these points:Make your site more relevant: Make your site answer a user query.
Improve your mobile compatibility: Internet users now do more searches using a smartphone. Therefore, absolutely adapt your site to portable devices, you will also be appreciated by some Google algorithms.
Pay attention to your content and the optimization of your site: By optimizing the technical side as well as your content, you will already be able to satisfy certain Google algorithms.
SEO Market-In Factors


The Further You Are From The First Results, The Fewer Visits You Will Have

As you can see, there are many factors to take into account which makes SEO essential if one wants to have a site generating traffic while having a stable position in the search engine results. The further you are from the first results, the fewer visits you will have First of all it is important to say that positioning yourself in first position is , in general, very difficult and requires a lot of work, but it is not impossible .

On the Internet, Internet users want a quick response and therefore do not want to waste time unnecessarily. It is for this reason that 95% of Google users will not see on the second page . And 79% of users won’t even go lower than the 4th site ! In conclusion, if you are not in the first results, you are invisible to 3/4 of Google users … Many, many people! As you can see in this picture, the numbers speak for themselves. But rest assured, a large part of this challenge will depend on the competition for the chosen keyword.


If you need any help you can always contact us by clicking the button below. In 2019 more than ever, it is extremely important to have a website or a page on social networks. A few clicks later, you have your page or your site and you are proud of it but have you thought carefully about the legal notices to appear on your website?

What legal notices should appear on your company’s website? A study by the FPS Economy
Whether or not you sell via your website, you are required to include some legal notices . In 2017, the FPS Economy therefore checked whether these legal notices appeared on 2,240 websites. The finding? In more than a third of cases, this information was incomplete or even non-existent !

Knowing that this information helps your customers to identify you and therefore to trust you, it is essential to remedy this ! Legal notices that must appear on your websiteNow that you know the importance of displaying this information, let’s take a look at what should appear on your business website:

How To Optimize My Seo?

Name : It sounds silly but you need it to include the trade name of your company or at least your name .
Address : The address where your business is located should also be visible. Contact details : How can visitors to your website reach you? Indicate a phone number , an email address and consider adding a contact form . The business number : Whether you are self-employed or a company, you received a unique identification number when you registered with the BCE (Banque Carrefour des Entreprises). You know the 10 digit number that starts with 0 or 1?
VAT number : If you or your activity is subject to VAT, you must mention your number. This is your business number preceded by “BE”
All of this information should also be on your Facebook page ! In addition, you must also include this information if you are a holder of a liberal profession .

Legal notices on a case-by-case basisIn some cases, it is possible to have to add additional information, here they are: For certain professions such as real estate agents, you must hold certain authorizations. You must therefore include on your site information relating to the competent supervisory authority ;
For regulated professions, you must also show the titles as well as the professional references related to your profession; Finally, some companies are subject to codes of conduct . Consider providing a link that points directly to a digital copy of this code.

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