This is not necessarily the most raised question in the SEO sphere, but in this article we wanted to determine if the choice of a particular Australian Email Address web font could have an impact on your SEO. Perhaps you have already wondered if using a custom web font or a Google Font has a negative or positive impact on your organic visibility . To lift the veil on this subject, we have decided to delve into the past statements of our friend John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. In other words, it is a question of whether Google took into account the choice of the web font when judging the quality of your content, for example if a personalized font led Google to consider the content as less relevant than than the same content using other types of web fonts.

This question was asked of John Mueller in 2017 during the Webmaster Office Hours video below. The Google executive says that your choice of typeface has no impact on your SEO. As long as Google can crawl the page and see the content, the crawl will work normally. The only situation where John says it might be a bit tricky is if you’re using images instead of text on a page. Ok, Google does OCR (Optical Character Recognition: process of converting an image to text) on images , but this is still a new process that is not fully used for indexing web pages (it requires too much resources). Impact on loading time The same subject was discussed on Twitter in 2020. Also with John Mueller.

What about caching Google fonts?

This time around, the initial question was whether your choice of font had an impact on the site’s speed performance , and then whether there were any fonts recommended by Google. John Mueller’s responses: Everything that makes up a web page, like the font, has an impact on the loading speed. The choice of font is irrelevant for SEO. same what These two answers are contradictory since the loading time is considered as an SEO ranking factor . So, if your web font impacts load time, it indirectly influences your SEO. Okay, it’s nothing new that the police impact loading time, it was also a major point raised in our article on optimizing your site speed in WordPress .


Therefore, if you use a custom font because you want to highlight your branding, be careful that it does not impact your performance too much. Especially with the introduction of Core Web Vitals as SEO positioning factors. Impact on user experience Obviously, if you opt for totally unreadable custom web fonts, it will have a real impact on the understanding that visitors have of the content of your site. So please don’t overdo it and find the balance between branding and browsing experience. But improving the user experience also means that every millisecond counts. Because of this, there are many ways to improve speed, such as optimizing web images and fonts.

Are Google Fonts Infringers of Privacy?

Let’s start with a positive note: it’s easy to adopt great free typography for your site like you can find in print magazines. Companies like Fontawesome , Google and Adobe offer a lot of free fonts that will allow you to build your site according to your image. However, many will have a drastic impact on the speed of your pages … potentially wasting precious seconds and dropping your score on PageSpeed ​​Insights . So let’s see together how these pesky web fonts can impact your loading time so much by focusing on Google fonts. The Google Fonts Problem Google Fonts can represent several issues for your site performance. But not only…

How many HTTP requests do fonts make? When your site is loading on a browser, you may have noticed messages in the status bar such as “connecting to” or “waiting for”. This is the browser that downloads the font your site is based on from servers that host those fonts. To take a closer look at this process, just go to page speed measurement sites like GTmetrix or Pingdom and test your URL. Chances are, you’ll be surprised at how many requests your site requires to download font files. But… wait a couple of seconds… aren’t those fonts transferring from a super-mega-fast Google Cloud? !! Is there a CDN for the fonts? Yes, web fonts are provided by Google’s CDN. Google has optimized and continues to optimize these files for faster transfer. to use it

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