Report of the ISM breakfast on November 20, 2014 at Appart Lafayette. On November 20, the Institut Supérieur du Marketing (ISM) received Saudi Arabia Phone Number List two experts to discuss the issues related to the use of Big Data in marketing strategies: – François Royer, Founder of Datasio, a company specializing in massive data mining . – Yoann Denée, Director of PCommePerformance management at Prisma Media Big Data, Smart Data, Fast Data, what are the differences? Who can do it today? For what benefits? What will it change in our businesses? What feedbacks can help us? So many questions raised with François Royer and Yoann Denée. Data, sources of major competitive advantage in marketing

The paradigm has become more complex. There are multiple sources of data: we can use not only “first party data” (the data we have), but also “third party data” (that resulting from the public good or from our purchases). Today, machines communicate with machines, thus multiplying the available data. The fruit of 10 years of investments to better target, on the advertiser side, Big Data is now integrated into the digital marketing strategies of brands. Big Data and the wealth of its channels are now sources of Big Business. Use the Data Mining, Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Scoring tools Once the data has been collected, a multitude of statistical tools can be used to analyze it and build precise marketing action strategies according to the target, its characteristics, of its behaviors and existing parameters:

Report Of The Ism Breakfast On November 20, 2014 At Appart Lafayette.

The Data Mining prospecting tool makes it possible to detect links between a priori distinct phenomena (descriptive data mining) and to anticipate trends (predictive data mining). Interest Graphs bring together people who share the same interests. Data Analysis makes it possible to verify hypotheses and model behaviors. Thanks to this, we can thus consolidate profiles by type of user, by segment, and precisely determine the best message to send, to the right target and at the best time. Predictive Analytics, through scoring, analyzes the characteristics and makes it possible to determine the probability that an action will be carried out according to the existing variables. This makes it possible to predict the audience of a series based on the weather, for example.


Business Management and Big Data While all brands publish content, it becomes essential to understand what use is made of what we publish and what we produce. The statistical tools available to the brand are powerful levers, which allow targeting, programming, forecasting, what we will be able to sell, to whom, how, and when: a real potential gold mine for those who will know how to set up and develop Big Data programs before their competitors. In this new paradigm, mastery of data is essential: the Data Project Manager must ensure that the data remains confidential, so as not to provide information to others, and comply with the obligations of the CNIL. The concrete benefits of setting up a Data program: the case of Prisma Media Prisma Media, a major media player through titles such as Télé Loisirs,

Data, Sources Of Major Competitive Advantage In Marketing

Before, their data was only used to communicate with current and potential subscribers, and generate publicity. There was no connection between what they knew about their customers and what they knew about people’s behavior. In addition, the breadth of their offer (B to C and B to B, print and digital, advertiser and publisher) encouraged them to work in silos rather than transversally. 2 years ago, they decided to launch a data program. The objective: “Improve the user experience of our content and partner offers, on all our media, for the knowledge and use of data”. To avoid being overwhelmed by a large volume of sometimes unusable and irrelevant data, they decided to work at the Smart Data scale, that is to say to select the only data useful for decision-making. The use of data is a real business project, which requires a specific organization and collaboration of business,

The main principles of this project at Prisma Media are: – A range of data products visible and marketed in synergy by all the agencies – A unified user profile with all the sources of management / audiences / customer marketing – Cross-functional management with rapid execution – A unified / centralized technique of the different trades This model has transformed their habits and multiplied the possibilities for analysis and action. Among the Quick Wins of the project, we note the implementation of: – appending, that is to say the enrichment of individual files by cross-checking files comprising common elements, which allows them in particular to obtain new email addresses – email retargeting, which consists of sending an email to people who visited their website some time ago, in order to offer them, for example, to make a purchase – media retargeting, which allows them to broadcast on their site,

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