Now is the time to sign up to open my new dropshipping store with Shopify to start selling online! Step 3: Open a Shopify account Now let’s create our Shopify dropshipping France store! First of all, remember that Shopify offers a free online store for 14 days. To get the most out of it, make sure you’ve found your products before creating your account. Go to the Shopify login page . The first step is to enter my email address, a password and the brand name I just chose. Shopify registration Then, Shopify asks me a few questions: I specify that I do not sell any products yet and that I am just starting up, before clicking on “next”.

Letter Board Show appeals to me quite well and fits well with the aesthetic of letter boards. In addition, the dropshipping letter boards that I am targeting are quite expensive. Whatever the final price, including delivery, it will therefore not be a cheap product. The idea of ​​the show is therefore well suited. So I choose Letter Board Show. A little online research concerning the availability of the domain name … it’s free! Perfect. Also note that Oberlo allows you to estimate your audience for free and generate tailor-made slogans.

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That’s why I don’t hesitate to use company name generators , on which I find ideas that I compile and update regularly. My favorite ? Not surprisingly, the Nepal Phone Number free name generators Oberlo and Shopify . These are the two that I will be using here. My product being a trend from the US, I know my target is quite young and hip, so probably comfortable with English, at least for shopping. So I can afford a totally English-speaking name. Especially since people rarely use the literal translation, “letter board”. The terms “Letter Board” alone are too generic and therefore not very interesting from an SEO standpoint. Letter Board Store is ideal from an SEO standpoint but totally lacks personality.

Nepal Phone Number
Nepal Phone Number

The name of your business is very important. It is the one that your future customers will tell their friends about, that potential consumers will search on Google and that will be found everywhere on your website and on your web marketing materials. You will need something impactful, interesting on the SEO plant and aligned with your brand positioning. It can be difficult to come up with ideas on your own. As far as I’m concerned, whenever I had ideas on my own, a quick search would tell me that someone had already had this idea.

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Another essential step: Register for free on Oberlo and search for the products that interest you among a catalog of thousands of references. There are dozens of ways to find products to sell. Depending on your ideas, you can use filters such as: Categories: women’s fashion, decoration, etc. The origin of the products Their cost Their popularity The different delivery methods. Personally, I chose to sell letter boards. I think this trending product can work well. Step 2: Choose a relevant brand name One of the first questions to ask yourself when starting an online store is the name of this store, and therefore your brand.

It is possible to offer a completely innovative product, a WOW effect product that people do not know, but for which they fall for. You have to feel the trends if you choose this strategy. It is more difficult and risky. Otherwise, there are several techniques and tools to find your business niche. You will need some marketing knowledge, that’s for sure, but you can definitely get it by taking a marketing course . You will also need to do a little market research to find the right products to dropshipping with Shopify, and find your brand positioning.

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