For example, compared weather data to its sales, and it is clear that bad weather and lower temperatures have a significant influence on e-commerce. The winter season is therefore a highlight that e-merchants should not miss. Last year, sales records were set. According to FEVAD, transactions were more numerous ( + 94% of transactions compared to the 2015 season), and expenses higher ( + 83% ). Christmas sales alone (November and December) were worth more than 13.5 billion euros . It is all French e-commerce that benefits from this significant increase in traffic and sales. E-commerce, Black Friday, Christmas, Winter sales: how to achieve end-of-year sales? Source: Black Friday, Christmas and Winter Sales ”- 2016 To avoid missing out on these sales, it is better to prepare well for them by adapting your digital strategy. E-mailing, Display campaign with Google Ads, Social Ads,… no leverage should be neglected.

Advertise your promotions via a personalized email campaign Email remains a safe bet in the digital strategy. However, you have to optimize it to get good open and click-through rates, in order to convert behind. If e-commerce is more and more privileged for the end of the year celebrations, it is not only for its convenience or to avoid the crowds during Japan Phone Number List busy period, it is also to take advantage of numerous promotions. . And it starts with Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday which this year will be Friday 24th and Monday 27th November. On this occasion, inform your customers and prospects of your promotions as soon as the subject of the e-mail to attract their attention., and / or spark curiosity with punchy emojis and phrases. The content of the email should then match the subject line in terms of consistency and quality.

Advertise your promotions via a personalized email campaign

The end and the very beginning of the year are generally favorable for e-commerce. This period marked by highlights such as Black Friday, Christmas and the winter sales is also known for its cold temperatures which boost e-commerce. E-commerce, Black Friday, Christmas, Winter sales: how to achieve end-of-year sales? What is more, personalization is today an essential criterion for Internet users. And personalizing the email isn’t just about mentioning the user’s name. You have to know your recipient, that is to say their purchasing habits, preferences, etc., in order to be able to adapt your message and select relevant offers and products. Personalization also means adapting to the context. For example, use the weather factor to contextualize your emailing and adapt the product offering accordingly. Finally, do not forget that the mobile becomes a privileged medium for making purchases. Your emailing must therefore be adapted to mobile.


Prepare your Google Ads campaigns for the holiday season Plan your Google Ads campaigns First and foremost, you must inevitably ask yourself what your marketing goal is and what KPIs are of interest to you. This is what will determine what type of campaign you should use. Next comes the issue of auctions and the budget. To help you determine the daily budget for your campaign, consider analyzing the performance of campaigns from previous years. Distribute your budget according to the days when the demand will be greatest. During Black Friday, for example, your budget will have to be more substantial, for example. And bet on a high CPC to maximize your chances of getting a high position. Build your online storefront with a Shopping campaign Christmas represents significant opportunities that you can seize through a campaign on Google Shopping and on the Search Network.

Prepare your Google Ads campaigns for the holiday season

E-commerce, Black Friday, Christmas, Winter sales: how to achieve end-of-year sales? In 2016, 27% of online Black Friday sales took place on mobile. 76% of mobile shoppers ultimately don’t choose the initially coveted brand or e-commerce site after doing a Google search. ( Google / Euromonitor International, Micro-Moments Survey US 2016) So put all your chances on your side to be visible and be the choice on which Internet users will fall. For this, you must appear on broad and generic queries. Also favor the Showcase Shopping ad format, which allows you to showcase your products with three visuals. This is the ideal format to appear on generic queries. However, do not forget that the keywords, even generic ones, must be consistent with the requests of Internet users during the holiday season. Your ads should incorporate the keywords and products that are most relevant to this highlight of the year.

Showcase Shopping ad – Google Ads Use relevant and impactful ads To hit the mark during this highly competitive time, you need to activate the right Google Ads levers. Be visually impactful with Display ads . Use Remarketing to reach people who are interested in your brand or products, and similar audiences to reach those who may be interested on Black Friday, Christmas or Winter Sale. Before Black Friday, for example, start your remarketing campaign 2 or 3 days before and after to reach Internet users while they are being spotted and during “Black Friday Week”. Mention “Black Friday”, “Christmas” or “Winter Sale” in your ads. Use promotion extensions to showcase your great deals on the Search Network. You can add a countdown timer using the “Countdown” format to specify when your offer will end in order to create a sense of urgency and encourage impulse buying .

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