The Fevad communicated the figures for e-commerce in France for the first quarter of 2019. All the lights are green for the sector, which continues to grow. According to the Observatory of Internet Usages of Médiamétrie for the 1st quarter of 2019, 87.5% of French Internet users have already made Taiwan WhatsApp Number List purchases, or 38.8 million people (+1.3 million compared to the year last). According to Marc Lolivier Managing Director of Fevad: “After a small stagnation in 2018, we are witnessing a further increase in the number of online buyers, of the order of 4% in 1 year. If the under-35s are driving this progression, notably with a growing role of the smartphone, the older generations are not left out: more than 8 seniors (65 and over) out of 10 have, for example, already bought on the internet.

Almost 25 billion euros were spent on the web during the first 3 months of the year According to the Fevad report – which is based on information collected from the main merchant sites and on the amount of transactions carried out by payment service providers – the turnover of e-starts sales has increased by 11.9 % compared to Q1 2018. In total, French buyers carried out 407 million transactions on e-commerce sites during the first quarter (+ 19% over one year), for an amount that reached 24.9 billion euros euros. Note that the number of transactions carried out is 5 times higher than in 2010 and that currently, around 50 online purchases are made per second. These figures are mainly due to the constant increase in the number of e-shoppers (+ 4% or 1,358,000 more e-shoppers from one year to the next).

Almost 25 Billion Euros Were Spent On The Web During The First 3 Months Of The Year

To the increase in the frequency of online purchases and to the diversification of the offer. The average number of purchases per buyer continues to increase, and now reaches an average of 12.7 purchases compared to 10.7 in Q1 2018. However, we see a drop of 6% in the amount of the average basket, which drops to 61 euros. Strong growth in the number of active e-commerce sites, and revenue up 6.5% for sites that are leaders in product sales According to Fevad, the number of active merchant sites increased by 15.6% over one year, and by 9% compared to the 4th quarter of 2018. The sale of consumer products recorded an increase of 6.5% in first quarter 2019. B2B side sales are not to be outdone and continue their rapid growth rate, with an increase of 13.9% in this first quarter.


Smartphones and tablets continue to play an important role in the growth of the sector, with sales through it increasing by 22% in Q1 2019 (+ 21% over the last 12 months). Mobile even goes so far as to represent more than 35% of the turnover achieved directly by e-commerce sites, excluding marketplaces (+4 points over one year). At this rate, orders made via this channel could exceed those made on a computer from 2021. Amazon, Cdiscount and remain the leaders of the most visited e-commerce sites and applications in France According to the delegate general of Fevad, “the audience of the most frequented e-commerce sites in France is increasing continuously. On average, 42.9 million Internet users (68.3% of French people)

Strong Growth In The Number Of Active E-commerce Sites, And Revenue Up 6.5% For Sites That Are Leaders In Product Sales

Consulted at least one of the sites and / or applications of the top 15 e-commerce each month. This growth is accompanied by a surge in mobile visits, which at certain sites represents up to 75% of traffic ”. France, European champion of e-commerce on consumer products with 7.1% of purchases made online According to the report, “Around the globe, it is estimated that by 2022, the online market for consumer products will represent 400 billion dollars”. Globally, Asians are clearly ahead in the field. E-commerce represents 20% of PGC sales in South Korea and 18% in China. In the United States, it is only 5.6% and in Europe, France is the best student with 7.1%. A much better figure than those recorded among the neighbors: Portugal (- than 1%), Spain, Belgium (1%), Germany (1.4%), Italy (1.6%), Switzerland (1.8%).

Only the United Kingdom can act as an outsider on the European continent, with its 6.3% market share achieved on the web in the sale of consumer products. Across the Channel, PGC e-commerce goes hand in hand with home delivery, while in France, drives dominate (8 out of 10 purchases). The drive is indeed a practice which records a great success in the hexagon, with more than 5,100 dedicated sites and sales up 7%. A dynamism fueled by urban drives, the hundreds of existing pedestrian drives, and supplemented by the progress of home delivery. Among the 5113 drive sites, 3720 are “click & drive” with lanes for vehicles and collection points created by distributors. There are now more than the predominantly own-brand supermarkets (ex-discounters). The French market for PGC sales on the Internet, however, is largely dominated by large-scale retailers seeking to consolidate

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