The good coordination of the marketing and sales teams is an essential which is no longer debated. However, the implementation is far Philippines Email Lists from obvious, especially in the distribution sector. Marie-Hélène Pfister, expert in marketing strategy and business development, discusses in this interview the importance of marketing and sales coordination to improve her overall customer experience at the point of sale. She shares her vision of the major transformations that have impacted these functions in recent years. She underlines and explains why the marketing and sales duo is now essential to support the performance and quality of the customer experience. Finally, it presents tools and best practices to ensure this coordination, such as marketing and sales plans.

What major changes have affected the marketing and sales professions in recent years? Digitization: marketers and salespeople have not been spared by this phenomenon which affects all businesses, in particular by its impact on consumer behavior. Indeed, internet sales and the resulting availability of data imply in return the increased demand for a personalized relationship. The global phenomenon of deconsumption: the time has come to control its consumption as confirmed by the annual analyzes of panels and articles for the general public. Consumption habits are changing and moving more towards quality. Current social movements are often pointed out as responsible for the drop in store visits. However, studies show that there has not been a significant postponement of purchases on e-commerce,

How do you imagine the marketing-sales duo in the coming decades?

It is rather a fundamental trend that has been under way for more than 3 years now (” The specter of deconsumption looms over traders ”, Les Echos, January 21, 2019). “Dealing with the end of hyperconsumption” is also the first of the 4 major challenges for consumer goods companies according to Kantar (LSA, March 26, 2019). The desire of the French to consume better explains the emergence of many movements such as organic, local products or made in France. This also leads to the growing process of personalizing the relationship with brands and co-creation . Faced with the difficulty of recruiting new consumers, new challenges are emerging for the companies concerned:


Develop innovative loyalty strategies ; provide a unique customer experience, reflecting a relationship of trust between the brand and the consumer. We can deduce that the marketing and sales teams must together achieve: work all points of sale, physical and digital (phygital) use data in order to get to know customers better in order to ensure a quality customer journey. Do you think that alignment between sales and marketing teams is a key performance factor? Aligning commerce and marketing is more than a performance factor, it is now a necessity. Why ? Because all efforts must be focused on consumers: by identifying their needs and developing products and services to meet them.

What are your 3 tips for coordinating marketing and sales plans?

The ultimate individual and collective goal is customer satisfaction. To do this, you have to become Customer Centric. This imperative goes beyond the marketing and sales functions. In this sense, all the major functions in the company must also evolve. This is all the more crucial in a phase of deconsumption where you have to make a difference. Can tools and best practices facilitate synergies and collaboration between marketing and sales teams? Creating positive synergies between marketing and sales teams is not as complex as it might seem. Two steps can be involved quickly and easily: Step 1: Design an annual business plan with a customer-centric view – whether internal customer or end customer.
For example:

In mass distribution, to comply with the legal framework (Law on the Modernization of the Economy, EGalim law, etc.) and business deadlines (signing of agreements between suppliers and distributors before the end of February ), companies must adapt and build their marketing planning and their commercial strategy by jointly anticipating these imperatives. Marketing must therefore be ready to meet these deadlines and work in harmony with the sales functions: feedback, innovations, etc. Concretely , the marketing plan is built and shared with the sales teams before the summer Step 2: set up and run very regularly alignment meetings between these two teams to share customer feedback, the achievement of fixed turnover objectives, major marketing and communication highlights, remarkable promotions and innovations …


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