In this article we would like to take a look at the future of SEO. What should we focus on in the near future to be more efficient? We tried to find Comoros Email List out more about an aspect that is little covered by digital marketers and SEO: the entities . When we approach the future of SEO, our experts are convinced of one thing: entities play a major role in Google’s algorithm. But before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s define together what an entity is and how it differs from a keyword. Google considers an entity to be a single, defined and distinguishable piece of information or concept. It can be a place, a monument, a company, a date, a person, a car model and many other things.

What is a keyword? Keywords are the words people type in when looking for something in a search engine. These keywords, which are likened to queries, are in fact made up of several words and are typed in to obtain information or an answer. The difference between an entity and a keyword The big difference between a keyword and an entity is that a keyword often corresponds to several entities which do not necessarily have a correlation between them. Let’s take a concrete example in the table below with the keyword “Chicago”. Expression Keyword Entity. I loved the Chicago musical Chicago Entity: Chicago musical Type: Event / Music Chicago Bulls lost to Raptors again Chicago Entity: Chicago Bulls NBA basketball team

4 practices to stop in the future

Type: Sports team Chicago’s crime rate almost doubled in 10 years Chicago Entity: City of Chicago Type: City As we can see above, the keyword Chicago can be likened to several completely different entities. For search engines and that of Google in particular, the challenge will be to understand, thanks to its advanced algorithm, what the keyword and its context can refer to in a sentence. Always more relevance As you will have understood, the objective for search engines is to provide more and more relevant answers to Internet users by identifying the context of the information. To do this, the algorithms attempt to analyze all the information on the web, to assign entities to it in order to offer enriched and structured results such as the Knowledge Graph.


knowledge graph jeff bezos Knowledge Graph displayed in Google for Jeff Bezos Actions to be implemented Now that you understand how search engines are getting more precise and smarter with entities, the question is how to tap into them. The objective is to help the search engine to understand the entity of the words and information processed in your content. Tag your content with Schema structured data tags . Create varied content dealing with a maximum of subjects related to your theme in order to show Google that we are dealing with a maximum of entities related to our target keyword. Write conversational content to match the increasing spoken language thanks to voice search .

Quality rather than size of content

Also, consider answering questions through your text or video content. The majority of voice requests correspond to questions. The increase in mobile searches accentuates the importance of local SEO for which you must optimize your content by integrating Schema tags linked to a location entity (city, region, country, etc.). schema address and location tags lets you embed structured data tags (entities) to help Google locate your business and display your information to people in your area. Still in terms of local SEO, your Google My Business listing plays a key role in helping Google structure your business information. On the other hand, some ancestral SEO practices will be gradually forgotten.

4 practices to stop in the future If we follow the evolution of the search engine algorithm, some SEO actions impacting your visibility a short time ago will gradually lose their weight. Stop focusing on the exact keyword SEO is less and less subject to writing text with the right keywords but rather to provide the best response based on the intentions of Internet users . Don’t focus on one page Adopt a macro view by optimizing a set of web pages that you will connect to each other according to their contextuality thanks to the internal mesh Quality rather than size of content We often hear that a text of at least 600 words is essential to be visible in Top 3 Google.

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