Given the complexity of the actions to be performed to practice effective SEO and the non-priority place of natural queries over paid, does Romania Email List SEO have any chance of producing results? Yes, SEO has a good chance of producing results, as long as the right levers are activated. You have to arm yourself with courage and…. Patience. The difficulty is to properly prioritize the actions, and in this case, an outside eye (agency or consultant) can help you direct your efforts on the most profitable actions. Asking a consultant for advice on an ad hoc basis seems more relevant. You can also train yourself to improve your skills on these subjects I have to make a small site for my project, is it better to develop it on wix or wordpress for SEO?

WordPress certainly gives much better results in SEO and above all it is an interface that is easier to use and configure. MOBILE INDEX FIRST Is an optimized Mobile AMP site really essential? No, an AMP mobile site is not (if) essential. However, having interfaces that load very quickly on mobile will be more and more recommended in the months and years to come (the mobile user is even more impatient than the Internet user). VOICE REFERENCING Do voice searches give the same results as written searches? It depends on the query asked, your location and your browsing history. Does having videos on your site help voice referencing? Having videos on your site helps SEO overall, not just vocal.

Does having videos on your site help voice referencing?

MIGRATION HTTPS Is there a risk of loss of referencing of pages when going from http to https? Conversely, can it improve SEO If the migration is successful there should be no risk of loss by migrating to the https version. In some specific cases, we can even observe optimizations when switching to https due to a set of elements (not just the migration). USER EXPERIENCE AND SXO Which freemium tool to use for SEO audits? What is an intention driver? The search engine seeks to improve the results displayed on its results lists by understanding the intention of the Internet user, through semantic analysis. How to improve SEO without putting too many keywords on the page?


The idea is to target the main keyword of your page then what is called secondary queries: related terms, complementary to the main keyword, we do not try at all costs to repeat the same keyword multiple times but rather to enrich the page with a broad and relevant semantic universe. What is the minimum number of words necessary for a well-referenced article? 900 keywords is a rule that comes up often. Above all, you have to write content that helps the user, as soon as you start writing to artificially inflate the content of your page you have to stop. What will count will be the length of all of your content. If your content is around 1000 words on average, having a 300 word article will not hurt you.

Is an optimized Mobile AMP site really essential?

Find out how to write effectively for the web. LOADING TIME What is the correct page load rate? The html code must load in 200 ms, the visible part of the page (above the waterline) must load in 1 second, the page must load completely in 4 seconds. Google My Business, local content, local reviews, local brand awareness. How can you improve your local SEO when you don’t have your own (franchisee) site? You have to be able to work on your local reputation: make sure that local economic players talk about us (mention our name in their content). This is only valid if this notoriety is positive. To what extent can the local referencer influence global natural referencing? It depends on the part of the local strategy. Yes of course local SEO can strongly influence global SEO.

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