In addition to thinking your strategy upstream according to your audience and your objectives, you must also prepare well for the implementation of your Facebook Ads campaign. Find out which 5 tips and 8 tools our social media expert uses every day. # 1 Where to find inspiration? Running out of inspiration? Or just curious to see what is happening in your industry? So, take a look at and more precisely on this page . The site lists more than 54,000 examples of advertisements that have already been broadcast. To refine your choice, you can filter the results by: type of location (news feed or right column); sector and activity (B2B, B2C, fashion and beauty products, local business, etc.); marketing objective (generating leads, sales, promoting an event, etc.); theme (video, photo, carousel, etc.). Likewise, the search bar allows you to search for an advertisement by URL, its brand name, advertiser, text, etc.

The success of a Facebook Ads campaign depends in part on its prior optimization. Everything you need to know for a successful Facebook Ads campaign Facebook also offers advertising ideas on this page . You can filter the different advertisements according to their format. You find both common formats, such as images, videos or Carousels, as well as rarer formats, such as Stories, Canvas, 360 videos. all Facebook formats are available to give you ideas of Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List Ads campaign. Everything you need to know for a successful Facebook Ads campaign # 2 create impactful visuals Long before the text of your publications, it is at the visual level that everything will play out. This is what will grab the user’s attention, or even make them click. Prefer professional images in high resolution. Offers you royalty-free and free photos that have a real visual impact.

1 Where to find inspiration?

To check if your visuals meet Facebook’s criteria, use the tool at your disposal. You just need to upload the desired visual to the text overlay tool to find out if the text in the image is too high, too low, or correct i.e. 20% text. Everything you need to know for a successful Facebook Ads campaign # 3 Create a mockup of your campaign with a mockup generator No more mock-ups or screenshots from Business Manager or Power Editor! Since the end of 2016, Facebook has made it possible to edit models of your Facebook Ads campaigns. With the Creative Hub , you will be able to create the mockup of any advertisement, but also to share it easily. This tool is available by clicking on this link or under the “Project” tab of your Business Manager, Power Editor or Ads Manager.

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You just need to choose your publication format (organic or paid) and follow the steps by filling in the fields (in English) to then automatically generate your mockup. This ad mockup generator is also available for Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Everything you need to know for a successful Facebook Ads campaign # 4 change the preview of a link Facebook announced last June that from July 17 it would no longer be possible to modify the link previews to fight against “fake news”. This means that you can no longer edit the titles, descriptions and images of links shared on Facebook. To work around this impossibility, we advise you to use Pretty Links . The handling is very simple too. You just have to copy the URL of the link to share, click on “Send” and replace the title, description and existing image. You then get a new link to share.

2 create impactful visuals

Everything you need to know for a successful Facebook Ads campaign Another tool allows you to easily create mockups of your Facebook Ads campaign. This is the tool . It is very intuitive and easy to use. And voila ! Everything you need to know for a successful Facebook Ads campaign # 5 Campaign planning and management tool To save time, it is strongly recommended that you plan your posts. You can do this very well from the “publication tools” of your Facebook Page. Otherwise, there are several tools for this: Buffer , Run Later , Social Pilot or Sprout Social . These paid tools offer many other features that justify their paid status. The tool we use, Hootsuite , has a very satisfying free version. You can manage up to 3 social network profiles, schedule your posts and even access some statistics from your Facebook Page.

Everything you need to know for a successful Facebook Ads campaign Also be sure to respect the sizes of your visuals according to the formats and sizes recommended by Facebook . A Carousel must be 600 × 600 pixels, while an advertisement with a photo is 1200 × 628 pixels for example. Finally, Facebook doesn’t like the text in your visuals, or at least moderately. Here are some tips and tools that our Social Ads expert wants to share with you. You know what you have to do, unless you prefer to entrust your Facebook Ads campaign to it. ? You can examples of brands that have been successful on Snapchat in this article . Publish short and fun content appreciate short, instant content . Users who are in the selected geographic area at the right time will then be able to use your in their Snaps.

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