Philippe Neveu – Services marketing consultant – founder of Different Factory In a few years the models of seduction of customers have been overturned. Marketing Russia Phone Number List
departments are facing profound changes in their clients’ modes of action and choice. Seeking to attract new customers through increased commercial pressure finds its limits in many sectors. How to successfully differentiate yourself today in a world that has become cross-channel? What are the practices for a successful customer experience? What links are there between customer journeys and customer experience? Namely, under penalty of letting your competitors take an irreversible lead … The brand – customer relationship has been reversed:

the customer experience has become the brand. With the multiplication of possibilities for customer interactions offered by digital technology, the risks of complexity and inconsistency between channels have increased. At the same time, the level of customer demand and their agility to leave a brand in the event of disappointment have never been higher. Customers no longer want to suffer, and be imposed a logic that does not hear them. They consult before choosing, they multiply their interactions, their points of contact and naturally act in cross-channel mode. To stand out from the crowd, being customer-centric is no longer enough. It is now a question of identifying in a complete and controlled way the lived and felt journey, where are the points of customer disappointment, the levers which give the desire to come or stay with the company, rationally and emotionally.

The Brand – Customer Relationship Has Been Reversed: The Customer Experience Has Become The Brand.

Because it is the actual customer journeys that are at the heart of the new challenges of the customer experience. The key point of these new strategies becomes knowing how to build an “augmented brand experience” and not fragmented and opportunistic. And this cannot be done by chance, but only in a proactive manner. Investing in its paths and customer experience, does this create more business? For Southways Airlines, Marriott, Amazon, Costco,… customer experience design has become a discipline, a new driver of differentiation. The Anglo-Saxons have taken a few years ahead of this dynamic. Thus a study (Watermark Consulting) shows that the leaders of customer experience in the USA generated, over five years, 3 times more value than the 500 listed companies of Standard & Poor’s.


Latecomers are gradually declining… Why does customer experience affect results? Answer: because it generates brand preference and higher customer recommendations than its competitors. Those in the know have understood that customer engagement has become an extremely powerful business driver, a new lever for customer activation, attachment and trust. The brand experience has become the customer’s first moment of truth. What are the best practices for a successful customer experience approach? How do you take action? At the heart of the customer experience, there are the customer journeys, those seen, perceived by buyers or users. And to leave a brand mark, the leaders have made a decisive choice: to exceed customer expectations at the right time. We then speak of “memorable” cross-channel journeys, customer journey design, or even customer experience design.

Investing In Its Paths And Customer Experience, Does This Create More Business?

Good practice begins by avoiding its own biases. Understanding customer behavior and critical points, but also employees, transversality, co-construction, visualization of the “Customer Journey” of today and tomorrow are some of the keys to these new practices. In France, the telecoms, banking, insurance, tourism sectors, etc. are not mistaken in creating the positions of Directors of Customer Experience or of the “Customer Journey”. The objective is twofold. On the business side: stand out, reduce unnecessary contacts, manage your e-reputation, grow your client base, etc. On the client side: offer more proactive, more engaging, more addictive, more experiential, more memorable journeys. It is this new field that we call “brand experience” … Recommendation of our expert Successful customer journeys and customer experience:

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