Facebook: a powerful tool for local business Facebook has a real influence on the buying decision, especially when it comes to local commerce. According to a survey conducted by G / O Digital , we learn that 59% of consumers go to the Facebook page of a merchant before going to the store. It has become a reflex. This same study also shows that Facebook is decisive in the act of purchasing: consumer opinions on Pages influence the purchasing decision, local offers on Facebook help to encourage users to go to stores, etc. Facebook is conducive to local commerce, and it promotes it through dedicated offers on Facebook Ads. You can already promote your business (your Facebook Page) locally or broadcast advertisements to promote your offer locally, that is to say by targeting a portion of users around the geographic area of ​​your store.

We can imagine many possible scenarios for using this new functionality since we can target simple visitors to your store as well as buyers in order to encourage them to come to your point of sale . Thus, it is for example possible to: Encourage offline visitors to your store to purchase; Communicate with your store customers to offer them exclusive promotions, preview offers and news, etc. ; Reach offline buyers (your customers) to re-engage them; Reach a wider target Thailand Phone Number List to similar audiences in order to find new customers who resemble your existing customers or those of your competitors; Exclude visitors who have already visited the store to better target new customers,. While this feature is ideal for physical retailers, it does not apply to e-commerce sites. But that was without counting the new advertising format of Facebook Ads: the “Lifestyle Template”.

How to deploy an effective web-to-store strategy?

The advertising agency Facebook Ads proves us once again the opposite with its latest tool. Thus, its new targeting option offers great marketing and sales opportunities for retailers and merchants with a physical point of sale. The Pure Players have not been forgotten, however, since a new advertising format (Lifestyle Template) is reserved for them. No matter what type of business you are in, Facebook Ads is ideal for Social Commerce to sell your products in stores or on your website. How to deploy an effective web-to-store strategy? Call-to-action features and buttons, such as store locator or driving directions, also help drive in-store traffic. Facebook Ads goes further in the web-to-store strategy The advertising offer proposed by Facebook Ads to carry out a web-to-store strategy will soon be supplemented by a new advertising format to target visitors and offline buyers of a store if their geolocation is activated.


Facebook Ads re-enchants Social Commerce for physical retail and e-commerce Whether you have a physical point of sale or an e-commerce site, these new features should interest you. Facebook Ads is a powerful tool that we can hardly do without in the age of mobile and social networks. Social Commerce on Facebook must however be well thought out upstream to build a solid, relevant and effective strategy. This is when our team of experts can step in to help you. What we call “Big Social Data” refers to all the data concerning the interactions that have taken place on social networks. Whether it is positive or negative comments, this data is invaluable to companies who want to identify their communities. However, over the past five years, consumers have changed the way they express their opinion by adding various symbols, called emoticons or emojis in Japanese.

A new advertising format for e-merchants

In the article, the journalist amuses himself by citing some diversions of emojis, such as eggplant to represent the male sex. In the same vein, if you are targeting international communities, you will need to be careful about the use of certain emoticons. Indeed, emojis are not always perceived the same way in different countries. As a Mashable article explains : “You have to be wary of” false friends “when learning a foreign language. The same goes for emojis which, from one country to another, sometimes take on a whole new meaning ”. One example is the “peace and love” emoji. This hand gesture evokes since Woodstock a sign of peace and love. However, in England, this sign means “go and show yourself”. It is therefore important to be careful, but also a strategist, in order to optimize the language of emoticons to serve your digital strategy.

This format is also a boon for e-merchants who can thus showcase their products via a Canvas or a Facebook Collection to make them more attractive, and therefore sell them more easily. Explosion of new data: the emoji Semantic specialists agree on the fact that the classical alphabet no longer adapts to the challenges of mobility and speed. The emojis of your communities on the couch of our experts
“Emojis, those funny little living animals”. This is how La Tribune de Genève titled one of its articles. The latter points to the brakes of machines in the analysis of language, because they regularly come up against the subtleties of sarcasm. However, innuendo or irony can easily give a positive tint to a deeply negative message, and vice versa. But what interests a brand or a company is to collect the “deep” data, that which is meaningful.

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