The more you ensure your presence on Facebook by taking care of your Page, the more it will be appreciated, liked and recommended. So you have a better chance of appearing on Facebook City Guides. Business development in the future? If this new feature is successful, we can also imagine that Facebook plans to monetize it. The Social Commerce has the wind in its sails right now! Thus, users could book a table, a hotel room or an activity directly from Facebook City Guides. But for now, these are just guesses. For now, you can still ensure your presence on Facebook and launch digital strategies. Our Social Media experts are ready to support you in this project. Creating a Company Page , launching advertising campaigns to increase your notoriety or unite a community around your brand are some of the strategies they can deploy. Contact them!

Competition with Google Trips? Last September, Google launched Trips , an application to organize trips in advance. The application, for example, offers travel itineraries and has the advantage of being usable without a connection. Facebook City Guides doesn’t really allow this at the moment. It is more of a travel assistant to advise and suggest places to visit. Users can simply like the destination or save the suggested locations. But this is only the first version of the function, it Taiwan Phone Number List evolve later. What does this mean for professionals? This novelty is also aimed at you indirectly, as tourism professionals. One more reason to have a Company Page The function is indeed generated by the Pages that professionals have created on Facebook. Thus, as a hotelier, restaurateur and other tourist actors, it gives you visibility among people interested in your destination.

What Does This Mean For Professionals?

After taking on the role of intermediary for employment, Facebook has been taking on the costume of a tourist guide for the past month with the Facebook City Guides feature. What does Facebook City Guides look like? Available on the site and on mobile applications, the function called Guides to cities in French offers members suggestions of cities to visit and activities to do. On the application, for each city, appears the list of friends who have already been to the city as well as the places they have frequented there. Facebook City Guides Then, we can see a list of places usually frequented and appreciated by the locals. This list seems in part based on the appreciation ratings given on the Facebook Pages. Facebook City Guides Likewise, we are offered a choice of popular attractions with very high marks.


The most favored communication channels are also identified, and all of these elements are then used to segment the database , or play a role in the development of products, offers or loyalty programs. This barometer must be reassessed regularly, customer expectations sometimes changing very quickly. Local market or distant market? campaign Seasonal campaigns playing on events. Facebook has often proved it to us, it is on all fronts. Today, he wants to be a tourist guide after having recently launched his own travel guides: the Facebook City Guides. Once again, this novelty goes in the direction of a desire to keep the user on the social network. Wouldn’t this new functionality for users be beneficial for tourism professionals either? Isn’t this a good way to attract travelers to its tourist offer? Facebook City Guides: when the social network becomes travel guides Facebook’s diversification continues.

Facebook City Guides: When The Social Network Becomes Travel Guides

Accessibility-connected Targeted and personalized loyalty programs, focusing on the emotional level of each individual In line with its very “customer satisfaction” oriented spirit, the brand’s loyalty programs – like the application dedicated to the park – adapt to the purchasing habits of visitors to offer them a personalized offer , thus avoiding any mistrust on their part, thanks to an adapted offer and services which simply provide added value to the customer. Develop customer knowledge A department is dedicated within the group to improving customer knowledge. Carried out daily in the park, questionnaires help to estimate customer needs and expectations. This is how the offers and their visibility, as well as the reputation of the park, are measured, all according to satisfaction criteria. On the site, there are different recommendations of places depending on the activity (drinking, eating, tourism, hotels, tourism), but also upcoming events.

“Seamless” for a fluid course adapted to each profile At the heart of the digital age, our interactions on the Internet tend to develop, and Internet users’ habits differ according to the profiles. Disneyland’s “seamless” strategy is similar to an omnichannel strategy, which aims to make switching from one device to another very simple – from the application to the website, then to the chat and the call center, for example – to allow the user to switch from one device to another with ease, whatever its use. “Effortless”, meeting customer needs as closely as possible By thus seeking to minimize the efforts – “effortless” – of Internet users and mobile users, information is just a click away, the user journey being made easier, and answering the Internet user’s questions even before they have asked them ( What is the next step? What to do next?

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