To give you some ideas, we’ve picked out 10 sample cover videos that we spotted on Facebook. # 1 reiterates cover video for new season release It is on the Facebook page of the series that we could discover the cover videos. Since then has replaced the initial video on the occasion of the launch of season 3 of the series, scheduled for early September. This time around, uses the cover video to reveal a Season 3 teaser which you can check out just below. (video with sound) Source: Facebook page # 2 McDonald’s highlights its partnership with The animated film Moi, Moche et 3 was released on July 5th. For the occasion, McDonald’s teamed up with the cartoon to release a Happy Meal menu featuring the Minions, shortly after the cover videos rolled out. This is how the Minions and made their appearance on the McDonald’s Facebook page.

Now you too can make your Facebook Page more dynamic and creative. Source: McDonald’s Facebook page # 3 TV Divers plunges us into the “big blue” In a completely different register, the TV channel dedicated to scuba diving offers one of its productions on its cover video. A real scuba diving in Full HD as if we were there. The gorgeous images and soundtrack in Belize Phone Numbers List cover video bring a touch of poetry to the Divers TV Facebook Page. A beautiful spectacle! (video with sound) Source: Facebook page Divers TV # 4 turns 10 and lets people know is a company that offers a tool for making professional videos from your home photos and videos. A company specializing in video could only position itself as a pioneer in the use of cover video. In addition, the new functionality arrived at the time when was celebrating its tenth anniversary.

1 Narcos reiterates cover video for new season release

You may have already seen the news ( especially on our blog ), it is now possible to put a cover video on your Facebook page. The series broadcast on Netflix was able to preview the tool. The opportunity was too good! Source: Facebook page # 5 Buffer honors his team If you’re running a Facebook Page or Twitter account, Buffer is sure to ring a bell. This is a solution for professionals that manages the sharing on social networks of all the content that you have spotted. They are shared automatically at the most convenient times. But back to our cover videos. Buffer posted a cover video on his Facebook page that highlights the team behind the tool. Buffer chose to share images of the “company seminar” in which the employees participated. Showing the hidden side of the tool, it humanizes the brand, and in this way, it’s clever!


Doesn’t that remind you of anything? This is a company specializing in the image both still and partially in motion. In addition is also part of the Profile Expression Kit, with, among others, Boomerang and Vine. As a specialist, the temptation was too great to put a on their Facebook Page cover video. Here is the one they chose. A made easy, but take a look at their Facebook page, it’s not the only one you’ll find. Source: Facebook page # 8 The University of Michigan unveils its campus Facebook represents enormous potential for brands, but also for schools and universities. In a series of articles, we showed you how the social network can help unite a community and promote your school . You just have to activate the right tools. This is what the University of Michigan did, which seized the opportunity of the cover videos to promote its university campus.

2 McDonald’s highlights its partnership with “Moi, Moche et Méchant”

These universes are transcribed there with a lot of creativity and originality. (video with sound) Source: Feel Facebook page # 7 highlights its product, the We already told you about. Source: University of Michigan Facebook page # 9 The jeweler Tiffany & Co shines with a thousand lights Jeweler Tiffany & Co turned to a short, scintillating cover video. These sparkles evoke the world of jewelry while subtly dressing the Facebook page. Simple but effective ! Source: Tiffany & Co Facebook page # 10 Fashion show for the next collection at Dior For its cover video, Dior did not go by half measures. As a reminder, the ideal video length would be between 20 and 90 seconds. That of Dior lasts no less than 7 minutes. This is the opportunity for the brand to unveil part of its haute couture collection for the fall-winter 2017 season by broadcasting a video of the show. Smart!

Source: Facebook Buffer page # 6 Feel offers a very artistic take on the cover videos Feel is an online magazine focused on artistic news. The articles revolve around the world of design, art, fashion, photography and video or even architecture. Their Facebook Page cover video couldn’t be otherwise. Source: Dior Facebook page As you can see, the cover video offers many opportunities. If their use seems quite suitable for films and series to broadcast trailers and teasers, it is not the only sector to be able to benefit from them. You can use them to launch a product, show behind the scenes of your company or your team, boost your Facebook Page and transcribe your universe, promote an event, show your skills,… in short, the choice is wide. It’s up to you to appropriate this functionality according to your objective and your activity.


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