Available in the “More” menu of the mobile application, the Explorer Wire disseminates various forms of publication (articles, photos, videos, etc.) which are currently enjoying success on Facebook and which you are likely to also like. The algorithm indeed broadcasts publications from Facebook Pages to which you have not subscribed but which could be of interest to you depending on your preferences and your engagement on Facebook. Although not really showcased, and therefore little or not used, this new tool bodes well engagement and increase reach at half mast in recent months . But the Moderator’s Blog reveals a completely different purpose of the Explorer Thread. In some countries, the Explorer Feed has become the place for “the latest news from the pages you follow and the best posts published on Facebook”, which logically should exclude them from the news feed.

The announcement is causing a stir! According to the Moderator’s Blog , a threat seems to hang over the brands and their Facebook Page. A possible quarantine of organic Facebook Pages posts in the news feed would be possible. To counter the decline in the reach of posts, and therefore engagement, Facebook may well exclude any organic post from Facebook Pages from the news feed. This is in any case what suggests the change of assignment of the Explorer Wire according to the tests carried out in several countries. Le Fil Explorer, the new distribution site New Zealand Phone Number List Facebook Pages? Facebook’s new tool, the Explorer Feed, was presented last July as an “alternative” news feed for discovering new Facebook Pages through the most popular publications of the moment. Thus, the news feed would be reserved for your friends’ posts, their interactions, and sponsored posts .

A fatal decision for reach and engagement?

A fatal decision for reach and engagement? The new Explorer Wire is currently being tested in several countries such as Slovakia, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed. Following this, a Slovak journalist set out to analyze the reach of Facebook posts from 60 major Slovak media in order to show the impact of this new tool. In his article , he notes that there has been 4 times less engagement since the implementation of the new Explorer Wire. Facebook Pages: Near the end of organic posts in the News Feed? Measurement of the engagement of the 60 main Slovak media, in number of interactions If the Facebook spokesperson minimizes the negative effects observed, we nevertheless see that Facebook engagement rates have been affected in other countries. This is for example the case in Guatemala and Cambodia. What future on Facebook for brands?


Or, it will be necessary to redouble imagination and creativity to create engaging content that will be picked up by users in their news feed. In any case, Facebook’s initiative is not trivial in any case and could be unprecedented for brands that have bet their entire digital strategy on Facebook and its free features. The growing role of the Explorer Wire shows that it will be very important in the future of Facebook Pages. First launched on mobile, this new feature has also just been deployed on desktop … If your Web presence is only provided on and by Facebook, it therefore seems wise to increase the number of acquisition channels so as not to remain dependent on choice of Facebook. Bet on online advertising on search engines or on its network of websites with Google AdWords ,send newsletters , keep a blog on your website.

Le Fil Explorer, the new distribution site for Facebook Pages?

If the Explorer Wire actually becomes the new distribution location of Facebook Pages, it seems obvious that brands will then have to go through Facebook advertising to appear in users’ news feed and in this configuration, the costs of the advertising campaign are likely to skyrocket the alternatives to Facebook and the levers of acquisition are numerous. Talk to our experts ! MAY from 24/10/17: Facebook has just published a press answer the questions of Internet users and brands about the new Explorer Wire. Facebook confirms that in Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Slovakia, Serbia, Guatemala, and Cambodia tests are currently underway. These tests could be a solution to respond to the drop in reach and would allow users to more easily access the publications of their relatives by separating them from the publications of Facebook Pages. As explained above, these would then be accessible in the Explorer Wire.

When Google search decrypts your psyche In other words, it’s almost a conversation you have to imagine yourself having with your readers, rather than texts with duplicate words and lengthy blogs for the engines. And if only 10% of what is read is remembered, against 80% of what is experienced, brands and companies quickly understand that it is now essential to take good care of its presentation, its design as its content. And on this point, the words that become key are those that offer values, an experience, an emotion, in order to bring reading to life. This impacts the way of writing Meta-Titles and Descriptions. Care will no longer be focused on the referenced keywords, but it will also be necessary to ensure that they are attractive to the Internet user. Indeed, the incentive to click from the results page becomes a criterion of relevance for Google via.

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