Creating engagement on Facebook is one of the goals to achieve when you own a Page for your brand. But we have to face the facts, the competition is increasingly fierce. Your posts may be drowned in the mass of the news feed of your subscribers. So you have to aim right when you publish a post. When your posts reach your target, they need to be impactful and effective to create engagement. Are not Facebook videos a first response to the problem of engagement on the social network? What do you think creates engagement? Test yourself with this little quiz and then discover our 5 tips to achieve it. Facebook videos: the format to adopt? Which offers a tool to identify the most popular content on social networks, has just released a study on the engagement observed on Facebook.

Commitment declines again and again It’s not a surprise, engagement on Facebook is not in good shape. However, since the beginning of the year, it is not a simple drop that has observed, but a real drop. Note that the most spectacular fall comes from the published images. Facebook videos: quiz and tips to learn all about engagement Facebook videos: the most engaging format Analysis shows us that link and image posts tend to decrease in favor of Facebook videos. At the Albania Phone Number List time, we notice that the videos are much more engaging than the other formats . How to create engaging Facebook videos? # 1 make videos short Analysis of the 100 million Facebook videos showed that beyond 90 seconds of video, engagement decreases as duration increases. The optimal duration is between 60 and 90 seconds. Short videos are therefore more engaging, but not too much either.

Facebook videos: the format to adopt?

They also have the merit of being slightly more engaging (1043 interactions on average against 928 for videos that are not live). If the difference is not very contrasted, we nevertheless notice that the Facebook Live videos generate a lot more comments with the game of questions and answers. The advantage of this format is also to allow much longer videos . The commitment is strongest after 15 to 20 minutes of live session. Facebook videos: quiz and tips to learn all about engagement # 4 Bet on advice, tips and other Which subjects are the most engaging? You only need to take a look at your news feed to realize this. The study tells us that the subjects that generate the most interactions are unsurprisingly videos about food, fashion and beauty, then animals. Then there are DIY videos (tutorials) and funny and humorous videos.


It is a mistake. Analysis shows that among the 10,000 most engaging, top performing videos contain very short text between 61 and 84 characters . The text should be a stepping stone to the video. It should only serve to capture the subscriber’s attention to better encourage them to watch the video . # 3 Submit Facebook Live videos You can vary the format of the video very well by offering Facebook Live videos. Facebook videos: quiz and tips to learn all about engagement Obviously, you’re not going to post recipe videos if you’re selling insurance. In contrast, the most popular subjects have one thing in common. The content of these videos is often produced in the form of tutorials, tips or tricks. The broadcast content is thus much clearer and more captivating. All you have to do is put these formats into practice and adapt them to your business.

How to create engaging Facebook videos?

The study of over 880 million posts and over 100 million videos revealed a number of points. Those under 30 seconds have the lowest engagement scores. Facebook videos: quiz and tips to learn all about engagement # 2 Write a clear and concise introductory text The text that accompanies posts on Facebook is generally longer than what you see on other social networks. Unlike Twitter, the number of characters on Facebook is not limited. We can therefore afford to be more generous in the content. # 5 make your video shareable Work on the content of your video. It must be interesting enough to be shared. This can result in a useful and informative background for the Internet user, and a light form. Less attractive topics on paper can be done with video. Dare to humor! Video engagement is the future of Facebook engagement.

This aspiration is undoubtedly not to be neglected in the state of mind of the Internet user during his research by keywords on the Web, in search of his product or his service. According to him, approaching the emoji only from an iterative angle for the management of an e-reputation in real time covers only one part of a brand’s digital strategy. Opting for a reflective step back from data analysis, through the prism of digital intelligence and experienced teams is a way to gain an in-depth understanding of your communities but also to deduce your favorite tags and thus optimize the your SEO keywords. At we incorporate a sociological approach into our digital expertise. Data collection makes it possible to identify communities and their journeys, to understand their behavior and uses, in order to establish a digital strategy for brands. Discover our experts!

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