Google is precisely in the direction of the Internet user. Recently, Google Chrome announced the arrival of an extension (Google Contributor) to block intrusive ads. One more reason to turn to more UX-friendly advertising. By applying all these tips, you are sure to hit the right target, at the right time on the right device, and above all to have positive results on your activated. This format, deployed last March, has just been improved with the integration of Facebook Canvas advertising. This advertising format has also undergone an update which should appeal to advertisers and professionals. Canvas are coming to Facebook Collections The Facebook Collections have serious advantages for those who want to highlight the products of their store. On Facebook Ads Manager, you will now have the choice between 3 Canvas models depending on the goals you want to achieve.

Whether you are a Tourist Office, a hotelier or a travel agency, you know that it is imperative to stand out from your many competitors who are also on the Internet. As the summer season approaches, it is all the more important to make yourself known to generate traffic on your website, but above all to generate sales. For this, it is strongly recommended to launch AdWords advertising campaigns . What type of advertising campaigns should you consider? On Google AdWords, there are several types of campaigns determined according to the advertising network Guatemala Phone Numbers List which they will be displayed. A distinction is thus made between the Google search network (Search) and the Google Display network (of which the YouTube network is a part). Each advertising network then has its specificities in terms of advertisements. For a tourism actor, each of these networks can be relevant for launching an advertising campaign.

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Pop-ups and interstitials: It is undoubtedly the Pop-up format that bothers the most . By degrading the user experience so much with this type of advertising, you just risk scaring the user away. The scenarios of the templates are thus adapted to each objective. Of course, it is always possible to create a Canvas from A to Z without taking into account the models offered. In any case, with the Canvas format and the enriched Facebook Collections, there is plenty to create very attractive and engaging advertisements. Combined with a natural referencing strategy , the Google AdWords tool is very useful when you are a tourism actor. The Search network The search network includes text ads, dynamic ads, shopping ads, as well as image and video ads on partner sites. By implementing this type of campaign, your ad will appear near search results when a user types in one of your keywords.


Achieve relevant targeting Thanks to the targeting options offered by AdWords, you will be able to reach the right audience at the right time. On the Google search network, you can do: of targeting by keywords ; of geographic targeting and language ; of targeting by type of equipment used ; of targeting by audience (remarketing). On the Display Network, in addition to the above targeting, you can add placement targeting (you choose relevant websites where your ad will appear) and topic targeting (for example, travel theme). Set up a weather script In a sector such as tourism, it is interesting to manage your AdWords campaign according to the weather. The weather script allows you, for example, to broadcast your campaign only on sunny and hot days. We know that sunny days tend to make people want to go on weekends or on vacation.

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Thus, you can reach your target by appearing on YouTube, on sites they are used to visiting or strategic sites depending on the keywords and themes of your campaign. This type of campaign therefore provides you with quality visibility, which will allow you to increase your notoriety, promote your offer and therefore achieve conversions. How to make the difference ? To be successful with your AdWords campaign, you must first target your audience. By doing research at this point, people will come across your ad, maximizing your chances of conversion. Optimize ads to generate interest and purchase Starting an AdWords campaign isn’t always enough to reach your goal. In order for the user to click on your ad, they must be prompted. First of all, you have to attract your attention to the ad by offering an attractive visual . Image ads and videos allow you to do this.

The Display Network is made up of over 2 million partner websites where your AdWords ad is likely to appear. Once your ad has been noticed, you must then encourage the user to click by using call-to-action , such as promotional offers for example. For text ads on the Google search network, you can add ad extensions . They are very useful additional information for users. You can add your phone number, address, user reviews, links and hooks. In addition to increasing the visibility of your ad, they significantly increase your click-through rate . Finally, you can encourage impulse buying by setting up a countdown on your ad with AdWords Countdown ads . If you have a promotional offer in your ad, it would be nice to add a countdown script to let people know how much time is left before the offer expires. The impulsive purchase will thus favored.

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