When you talk to Angélique Gérard, Director of Customer Relations for the Iliad group, one value emerges: commitment. For its Grenada Email List employees and for its clients, Angélique does everything it can to bring its convictions to life! Determined to change the practices and commitments of her company, she fully assumes her leadership role and her responsibilities by deploying her leadership as best she can. His goal ? Provide the best working environment for its employees to best serve its customers. My mission is to transmit. Transmit my vision, my enthusiasm and the values ​​of the group. Motivate and support too. Teams, efforts, projects, morale, development… in good times as in more difficult times, whether collectively or in the context of the crisis we are experiencing. My role is also to take and assume risks, to be creative and visionary and,

the creation of a relationship guide that reflects our values ​​and how to interact with our customers the training of all staff of customer service. The pace has been slightly disturbed by the Covid-19 but we are continuing the support. What are your main challenges to guarantee a quality BtoBtoC customer relationship that meets the new requirements of your customers? This is organized around two values: Proximity, to maintain a good relationship with the customer but also with employees and departments. It requires being able to empathize and put yourself in the customer’s shoes. The commitment to find a solution and provide clear and precise answers. The establishment of these two pillars requires involvement but must also be accompanied by a requirement to forge a quality relationship. In this sense, rigor and courage are essential for:

How do you manage to disseminate them and embody them in the group but also in the agencies?

Act in full transparency and guide the customer step by step; Respect the company, the profession of colleagues and its customers both in response times and through commercial promises; Control your subjects or ask for help to keep your commitments and thus provide honest and precise explanations. The 3 values ​​of a successful customer experience, according to you? I would say : an effortless experience : our focus is on making relationships with customers” effortless “. They should be simple and fluid. It may seem very ambitious but this ambition meets everyone’s expectations: to make things easier. This turns out to be all the more significant when it is “just” a package. sense of service : it is essential to pay attention to details. Each package counts as much as a customer or an employee. Our attention must be individualized and without hierarchy.


recognition : of our teams without whom nothing is possible and who are at the heart of a successful customer experience How do you manage to disseminate them and embody them in the group but also in the agencies? My goal is to inspire employees on a daily basis and to share our strategic trajectories with them in order to inject essential energy. My challenge is to get the teams involved in concrete actions around customer expectations. Thus, we give concrete expression to the words and voices of our customers (senders and recipients) in a process of continuous improvement. We have also drawn up and distributed a relationship guide to which all teams have been made aware and trained. It reflects the image of DPD France and addresses fundamentals such as service attitude, style and language elements consistent with our values .

What lessons and good sustainable practices have you learned from the last few months?

How does the health crisis impact your business and your roadmap? After a “honeymoon” during covid-19 where customers could understand everything, I have the feeling that they come back with even higher expectations and enhanced expertise by confronting many transport companies, for very diverse orders. Their ability to gauge each other’s performance, from the driver’s behavior to the quality of interactions, has therefore greatly increased. In a still tense context (sharp increase in volumes, health precautions, etc.), we must, even more strongly than before, be flexible, responsive but also meticulous . What lessons and good sustainable practices have you learned from the last few months? We must be blameless. Every value we display should be felt every moment of the exchange. We must also keep in mind our strategy which puts the customer at the heart of the company.

This fundamental principle must guide our daily lives. It must be embodied in each of our actions and each of our tactical trade-offs . No fine words, we must engage with our customers and our employees. Every action we take, every decision we make, must be guided by a single obsession: the best interests of the customer. Digitizing the experience and optimizing customer service performance seem to be at the heart of your strategy. How does this translate concretely? What KPI’s and what tools do you use to achieve this? On the recipient side (who are waiting for the delivery of a package), it is a subtle mix that revolves around digital and voice: FAQs but also webcallback in case of dissatisfaction, immediate live chat in case of misunderstanding and our phone number posted everywhere. We mainly seek to use the voice of the customer.


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