On the occasion of the Inbound Marketing France event, Simon, conversational media expert, showed how these new uses will allow marketers to achieve their goals. ” We are living at the end of an era “, it is in these terms that Simon, co-founder of Chitchat, the first conversational media Austria WhatsApp Number List in France and former Product Marketing Manager at , launched his conference “de l ‘interruption to the conversation’, during the Inbound Marketing France event . A decade (only) to introduce the mobile into the uses After a series of industrial revolutions and major changes in our daily lifestyles, the penultimate of which installed the web over a period of 20 years, Simon notes that it only took about ten years to see the emergence of a new one: that of the mobile. This technological revolution has accelerated.

In particular because of the ease of getting started to sell products or services on the internet. Among the factors mentioned by Simon Robic which allowed this acceleration, we find: Access to technological innovation : they are freely accessible, like artificial intelligence, whose projects are freely available on the web, Access to capital : it is easier today to get the first million euros to start a business, as shown by the amounts of fundraising, which have increased considerably over the last 12 to 18 months, Access to talents : the freelancing system has become widely democratized, often by choice by those who practice it on a daily basis, with pools of candidates to which companies can more easily access, New, more flexible working methods : starting with the agile method.

A decade (only) to introduce the mobile into the uses

Which has become the new standard in companies, which allows a project to move forward more quickly thanks to shorter iterations and feedback at each new stage. If your business or start-up sells a product online, you can also take advantage of the largest marketplaces, like Amazon, to gain more visibility. Social networks, like Instagram, have also added a payment module, which allows you to buy a product without leaving the platform. Less attention on online advertisements A new form of competition is setting in, because of these new players, who know fewer barriers to launching their business online. But to grow quickly, these companies need visibility: the market for buying advertising space is exploding, with $ 385 billion forecast for the year 2020. Spending is even expected to double to reach $ 517 billion in by 2023.


For its part, the click-through rate has experienced a dizzying drop between the beginnings of online advertising in 1994 and this year, dropping from 44% to 0.05%. The use of ad blockers has also doubled. While they were 15% in 2015, 30% of users have one today. The reason: Internet users protect themselves from advertising. They pay less attention to brand messages, despite the introduction of new formats, such as ad campaigns in stories, for example. The same goes for pre-rolls, which are zapped, regardless of the platform used. Thus, 93% of Internet users say that, for them, advertisements are more intrusive than 2 or 3 years ago, and 82% of Internet users say they have left a web page because of an advertisement.

The boom in online messaging

The boom in online messaging If traditional advertising no longer works, at least in this format, new uses have appeared. With 5 billion people using a messaging app every month, a new market is opening up for brands. From ICQ or AIM (launched by AOL in the years 1996-199) through the MSN wave (1995) and Skype (2003), the use of online messaging has only exploded, with in particular the arrival in 2009 of WhatsApp, since acquired by the Facebook group, and which has 1.6 billion monthly active users. Among the most commonly used messaging apps are Messenger (1.3 billion users per month) and Instagram Direct (1 billion). For Simon Robic, the observation is clear: messaging applications (5 billion active users per month) are used much more than social networks (3 MAU). Why ? ” Conversation is the most natural interaction protocol for humans.

Explains Alexandre Lebrun, ex-Facebook Research, quoted by Simon Robic during his conference. Brands must adapt to these new practices Faced with these new uses, the challenge for brands is to successfully make the transition between the limits encountered on these interrupt formats, where Internet users leave web pages due to intrusive advertising, and new practices related to applications. messaging. ” We must stop the interruptions and start conversions, ” analyzes the conversational media expert. For each step of the marketing funnel, it is a question of integrating messaging applications to capture the attention of Internet users: Brand awareness : promoting the brand by using these new, increasingly popular brand content spaces, which benefit from very high open rates (80% on average) and clicks (20%), by scripting the customer experience in the choice of options until payment.

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