Alice Metthey, Operational Marketing Manager, explains what the “Marketing Manager” certification has brought her. ISM Team Share on Facebook Christmas Island Email List Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Alice Metthey, Operational Marketing Manager , obtained the professional “marketing manager” certification. She shares with us the benefits and best memories of her career certifying “marketing manager”. Why did you decide to take this certifying training? Initially oriented towards the social sector following a degree in human and social sciences, I built myself professionally, during 9 years, through rich experiences as a Marketing Officer in dynamic companies. These experiences, coupled with the passion that drives me for marketing and its many facets, have allowed me to exercise, for 1 year now, the job of Operational Marketing Manager.

I made the decision to follow this training certifying my skills because I felt the need to support my legitimacy in my new functions. I had the chance to be accompanied in my steps by my employer who accepted its funding. What did this training bring you? How has it made you progress in your practices or in your career? This training allowed me to consolidate my skills and acquire new ones. It also allowed me to update my marketing culture and rediscover key methods that are valuable to the marketing process. In particular, I acquired two new essential skills: A more strategic reasoning vis-à-vis the means to be implemented to respond to the business plan, An ability to mobilize teams, business experts, to work across the board. Finally,

Why Did You Decide To Take This Certifying Training?

I was able to gain confidence in my new functions and my role as manager. I made the decision to follow this training certifying my skills because I felt the need to support my legitimacy in my new functions. What is your fondest memory of the training? Without a doubt a role play with one of our trainers, we were laughed at when our only male training colleague started the exercise. He had a fairly developed comic potential! For all those who hesitate in the choice of training, give them 3 good reasons to choose this ISM certifying course? I = as “essential” to those who feel the need because the course is complete S = like “great atmosphere” with trainers as professional as they are pleasant and who know how to put you at ease M = like “Michel” Ducamus the great internship tutor whom I highly recommend!


How to strengthen your legitimacy in your function? Certify your skills with the marketing manager certification course ! Fjord aims to accelerate the transformation of companies by promoting its acceptance by the user. We like to say that we design for people: we design physical or digital services that shine through their usefulness. This is fundamental to Accenture Interactive’s ‘architects of experience’ strategy . What is your mission on earth? As for knowing what my mission on earth would be, I read a sentence from Christopher Hitchens lately that seems to me to be a good rule for living his life: ‘I am, I hope, never offensive by accident.’ I’m not sure that qualifies as a ‘mission’ per se, but it looks a bit like a value system,

What Did This Training Bring You? How Has It Made You Progress In Your Practices Or In Your Career?

it’s a good start What are the trends to remember from 2018? For me, the visual recognition capabilities that we see appearing in the market are impressive. It is, in my opinion, the maturing technology that will have the greatest impact on people’s daily lives: it is the potential disappearance of many objects (from keys to credit cards, including the boarding pass – for example) or process (KYC – Know Your Customer, authentication, etc.), and the possibility of reviewing the experience in a very thorough way. Likewise, the rise of ‘voice tech’ over the past year is also symptomatic of the disappearance of interfaces . The interfaces will, I believe, continue to become invisible for more ease and naturalness in the interaction with the machine (that’s why I think Spike Jonze’s HER is one of the best sci-fi films of the 5 last years).

What will be the main challenges for marketers in 2019? The data. I think we are on the cusp of a global awareness of the value of our personal data, as well as the associated risks. I am convinced that within ten years the announcements related to ‘data breaches’ will scare consumers as much as terrorist attacks, and we will see more and more economic models based on the sharing of the wealth of data. users (via crypto like for example); we’re going to have to prepare for that now and be very clear about data management and our commitments to our customers. The design of the T & Cs must be an exciting area. I also think that mobility will see its pivotal year in 2019, with the opening of the first autonomous shuttle service offered to the general public in December 2018 at U SA

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