Do you sometimes feel dumped in conversations punctuated with barbaric terms? Does the digital world seem inhospitable or even  French Polynesia Email List hostile to you? Here is a panel of digital expressions to know to allow you to survive in this jungle and to have a conversation with your friends and customers, on the digital page. What is an API? An Application Programming Interface allows websites and applications to communicate with each other and to transmit data to each other. For example by integrating the Weezevent API into your website, you offer the possibility to your customers to register directly for an event that you have created on Weezevent without leaving your website and by transmitting the information directly to the Weezevent server. .

All this without having to create your own line of code! What is the Blockchain? It is a technology for storing and transmitting information, transparent, secure, and operating without a central control body (definition of Blockchain France). It allows data to be stored and shared in a secure and transparent manner. It allows each user to check the validity of the chain without an intermediary. What is the Churn? or Attrition? It is the loss of customers generally calculated over a year. It corresponds to the loss of customers compared to the total number of customers estimated at the start of the period. What is CX Design? or Customer eXperience? It is an approach that focuses on optimizing the customer experience in the broad sense. It seeks to improve the customer experience throughout its journey,

What Is Cx Design? Or Customer Experience?

whether it is in relation to the brand or the company. The customer experience is considered in its entirety unlike UX Design (or User eXperience) which focuses on a more specific experience linked to a product, a service or an interface. What is a Hashtag? Where # ? It is the essential symbol when browsing social networks (or even orally now). Placed in front of a key word or phrase, the hashtag can act as a tag on this word or phrase in order to associate it with a certain value. Thus they will be identified and found during a search. This “tag” system is particularly common on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. What is Lead Nuturing? Each identified prospect is not necessarily ready to buy immediately. This does not mean that he is not an interesting lead, however. You just have to wait for the right moment and accompany


it towards the passage to the act. Lead nuturing brings together the techniques that make it possible to maintain the link with prospects whose decision has yet to mature. What is Retargeting? It is a technique based on cookies that Internet users leave when browsing the web. Cookies are “traces” that everyone leaves when browsing. Advertisers use this data and information to carry out actions related to this history: el retargeting. What is RWD? or Responsive Web Design? It brings together the techniques that make it possible to develop and graphically design websites that adapt automatically regardless of the screen on which they are read. Computer, mobile, tablet… the experience must be optimal on any medium. What is SEM, SEO, SEA, SMO?

What Is The Blockchain?

These 4 acronyms cover all the techniques to optimize your online referencing. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the broadest term that includes the other three. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concerns work that seeks to improve SEO: content writing, keyword selection … The SEA conversely includes pay actions to improve its SEO: Google Adwords, affiliate … The SMO is SEO linked to the virality of its content and their sharing on social networks. It is by combining all of these techniques that you can considerably improve the ranking of your website in search engines. What is SOLOMO? It is the acronym for Social Local Mobile. It can be seen as the new currency of marketing. The latter must imperatively take into account social networks,

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