Getting started on Google AdWords to develop your business is good. Making successful sponsored ads is better. To arouse the interest of users, and therefore achieve your goals, you must take care to optimize your ads, especially your text ads. With text ads, you can’t rely on the visual appeal of image or video ads. We must therefore focus everything on the text, but not only. Here are some tips for successful text ads , and get the user to take action. # 1 Write text ads consistent with your keywords
Internet users will naturally click on text ads that match their search on Google. The keywords you have chosen must therefore be related to your text ad, that is, appear in the title and description. To attract more attention from Internet users, insert your keywords or related words in the titles of text ads as a priority.

Google AdWords: 5 Tips for Successful Text this example, Internet users looking for a site to buy school supplies will immediately be drawn to this text ad which, in addition to being prominent in the top search results, has the keyword they typed in. from the beginning of the title and in the description. TIP: Group your text ads and topic-targeted keywords into Argentina Phone Numbers List groups. This will allow you to be more precise in the wording of your ads. Taking the example above, we can imagine a group of ads on the theme of back to school with keywords such as school supplies / notebook / pen / satchel / diary. Google AdWords: 5 Tips for Successful Text Ads Likewise, you might have other ad groups in parallel depending on other products and services that you offer such as office supplies for professionals, reprography service, etc.

1 Write text ads consistent with your keywords

For example, you can test your ads by adjusting the titles and descriptions. You can try with different calls to action, insert more specific keywords or specific brands, claim promotions and other exclusive benefits, etc. TIP: For each ad group, create 3-5 different ads (maximum 6). AdWords will take care of automatically serving the most effective ads. Here are two examples of text ad variations you can learn from: Variants imagined for fitness classes Google AdWords: 5 Tips for Successful Text Ads Variants imagined for children’s basketball shoes Google AdWords: 5 Tips for Successful Text Ads # 3 use calls to action An effective text ad should be clear and concise while prompting the user to take action. For that, you have to get right to the point by using call-to-action formulas. You can highlight the advantages they can take advantage of (discounts, promotions, advantages such as free shipping,…).


This will immediately catch the eye of Internet users, and they will be more likely to click when they see that it is what they were looking for. # 2 create variations of your text ads To optimize the performance of your text ads, you can create multiple ad variations to test different wordings, and see which one works the most. The advantage is not only financial, it can also save time (online reservation service), test a service through registration, etc. Google AdWords: 5 Tips for Successful Text Ads TIP: Think carefully about what call-to-action will hit the mark with internet users. It must match the targeted keywords and your landing page. The goal is not only to generate a click on your ad, but to generate a conversion at the end of the process (a registration, a purchase, a reservation,…).

2 create variations of your text ads

Promotions, discounts, shipping costs and free returns are the main purchase criteria that Internet users take into account. Not all industries are suitable for this type of call to action. On the other hand, it is strongly recommended for e-commerce sites where competition is fierce. Google AdWords: 5 Tips for Successful Text Ads # 5 take advantage of ad extensions To optimize your text ads, you can also use ad extensions. Thanks to them, you have the possibility to add additional useful information to your advertisements. They will thus be more visible and more informative, favoring clicks . There are several kinds of ad extensions such as location, call, callout, review, sitelink extensions, etc. You can put as many ad extensions as you want. But be careful, for them to be displayed at the same time as your ads, they must comply with certain conditions .

To gain a competitive advantage, you have to play on prices. It should then be highlighted in your text ads. Thus, the position and ranking of your ads are part of the criteria taken into account for them to be displayed. If you meet the criteria, AdWords will determine which extension is most relevant based on each search query. TIP: If you can add as many ad extensions as you want, it might not be a good idea to include all of them. To help you, Google lists you here which are the most relevant extensions according to your marketing objective. Well optimized, the text ads offered by Google AdWords are very effective in reaching your goal. They are a good strategy to gain visibility and notoriety, but also to generate web traffic or achieve purchase conversions. Your goals will be our priority. Let ‘s discuss your SEA project together!

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