Questions / answers about AdWords Who are our stakeholders? This webinar will be led by two of our experts : Google Webinar – What Solutions For My Business? Google Webinar – What Solutions For My Business? Are you affected by this webinar? You are concerned if you want to make your brand known on the Internet, gain new customers, launch a new product, promote your online store, generate web traffic to your site or visits to your store, etc. If you want to achieve these marketing goals through paid search or digital advertising, then this webinar is for you regardless of your business or function. However, this webinar is likely to be of more interest to: You recognize yourself in these profiles, you want to achieve these marketing objectives and / or you simply want to master this powerful advertising tool that is Google AdWords, so don’t hesitate any longer: see you on September 20 !

If you want to build brand awareness, generate interest or incite action , then Google AdWords is for you. See you on Wednesday September 20, 2017 at 12:45 p.m.! What is the program ? Mastering Google AdWords means putting the odds in your favor to achieve your marketing goals. But when you start on Google AdWords, you are faced with many tools, Philippines Phone Number List and data that may seem completely abstract so that you give up or try actions doomed to failure. And yet, the potential of Google AdWords is considerable for those who master it. The main objective of this webinar is therefore to give you the basics of this tool by addressing various points: Introduction to the AdWords network The specific vocabulary to know The different channels on AdWords What indicators to watch for success? Which channel for which objective? Don’t miss our upcoming webinars, stay tuned! ?

What is the program ?

The advertising network offered by Google can allow you to carry out your digital strategy and meet your marketing objectives. A new range, called was created by breaking traditional marketing codes. The brand film is always getting more subtle, because it no longer shows the product in the foreground. This is particularly revealing in the film dedicated to the range and testifies to the brand’s desire to attract young people. Thus, the close-ups focus on different natural elements that have been chosen with care, in connection with the eco-responsible sensitivity of this generation: flowers, plants, beehives. And it is a robotic arm that comes to harvest nature, in order to reach this hyper-connected public, specialist in networking and big fan of technologies. Therefore, it is interesting to wonder about the keywords that the brand has retained in the context of its natural referencing.


After the success of our July webinar, we will meet you on Wednesday September 20, 2017 at 12:45 p.m. for a new meeting. This time around, we’ll give you the keys to success on Google AdWords . Millennials no longer look for a beauty treatment for its effectiveness: to fight against dry hair. They are no longer looking for a result: holding curls for 48 hours. The choice is now on a philosophy, a technology, an ingredient, a personalization. The brand understood this perfectly, since these are the keywords it chose to identify its page on its website. SEO agency: evolving expertise The term “products” is moreover relegated to third position, while the term “philosophy” is located in first place. And the brand goes even further in the work of personalization, thanks to the device and this invitation: “Discover your profile”.

Are you affected by this webinar?

He evokes a new distribution of the cards between David and Goliath, because according to him: “The strategies (social, local, mobile) and“ ATAWAD ”(Any Time, Any Where, Any Device) can today take a real resonance and create value instead of simple push campaigns”. When we know that data makes it possible to develop turnover significantly, by better targeting its campaigns, while spending less, we can imagine that large groups will soon adapt so as not to be praised by emerging, agile and innovative brands. The tactical means they develop are to be watched, especially if they want to preserve themselves as bridgeheads on the path of the keywords in the Google request.. They understood that it is now essential to work on the quality of the content taking into account all the technical and sociological parameters of referencing, in order to remain prominent in the digital world.

This will of course allow it to collect data while responding to the desire of Millennials to have a tailor-made choice. As the magazine deduces : “an individual’s personality directly becomes the means of expressing the values ​​of a brand, marking the peak of ever more authentic and individualized communication”. In an article in the Harvard Business Review , Matthieu director of the web & e-business department at IIM Paris-La Défense, speaks of the “ data revolution ”. And the SEO agencies, which support them, also have to adapt to these changes by sharpening their expertise and taking advantage of their experience in the field. Remember, SEO is an art and you will need to be accompanied by a variety of experts to adapt to so many changes and requirements. At we are aware of these transformations that are taking place.

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