We explain everything in this article. A new interface that’s faster, more intuitive and more efficient [h5p id=”1″] The new Google AdWords interface announced over a year ago is finally available to all advertisers around the world. The advertising network has been completely redesigned to make it much easier and faster to use. The loading time of the interface pages has thus been improved by 20%. In addition, the ergonomics have been reworked and the design refined to facilitate navigation and use of Google AdWords. Improving the user experience is not the only new feature of this new version of Google AdWords. New features have also been integrated such as: bid adjustment for calls
With this feature, you can increase your bid for mobile devices. Thus, you encourage interactions by increasing the display frequency of Call announcements and announcements with a call extension to mobile users.

The new Google AdWords interface is now available to all advertisers. This is what Google announced Wednesday, October 11 on its blog . If this ad has been noticed on the Internet and social networks, it is not the only novelty that has made headlines this month. The daily budget allocated to your advertising campaigns on Google AdWords can indeed be doubled automatically. What will change with these novelties? How were they perceived by advertisers? A Iceland Phone Number List dedicated to “landing pages” In the new interface of Google AdWords, a page is dedicated to the optimization of landing pages. You have the possibility to have a vision on the performance of each of your landing pages. This feature tells you if your landing pages are performing well (number of clicks) and if they are sufficiently mobile-friendly to generate clicks (“mobile-friendly click rate”).

The daily budget is now doubled

The daily budget is now doubled On October 4, Google announced that from now on the daily budgets would be doubled to allow you “to more easily reach your advertising objectives”. Google AdWords announces several radical changes This novelty took effect immediately; the first reactions were not long in coming on Twitter. What does this change imply? It’s nothing new that advertising campaign costs exceed your daily budget. The budget overrun was already possible up to an additional 20%. As a reminder, the daily budget that is defined upstream of the AdWords campaign is in fact the average of the amount that you are willing to spend daily. AdWords then takes care of automatically adjusting the daily campaign costs based on search traffic. The higher it is, the more likely it is that the campaign costs will exceed your daily budget.


If search traffic is low, then the costs may be lower than your allotted daily budget. While the budget overrun was capped at 20%, now it can reach double the amount of your daily budget within the monthly billing limit, i.e. the average number of days per month (30.4) multiplied by your average daily budget. Google AdWords announces several radical changes Why is this change causing a stir? Google AdWords justifies this novelty on the grounds that it will make it easier for advertisers to reach their objectives by optimizing campaign performance, an opinion that some advertisers do not necessarily share. In addition to lamenting the immediacy of this change, they fear the premature exhaustion of their monthly campaign budget. Likewise, in the context of a campaign of less than 30 days, some people wonder if their campaign budget should not be halved.

A new interface that’s faster, more intuitive and more efficient

The same cannot be said of the change that has been made to campaign budgets. What if a client has a short-term campaign and only wants to spend a certain amount in a week? Should we set our daily budgets at 50%? Bethany Bey (@Bethany_Bey) October 4, 2017 The SEA community is clearly not excited about this change which should be more optional than mandatory and imposed. Have you tested the new version of Google AdWords? What do you think ? On our side, the new Google AdWords interface has been tested and approved by our AdWords expert . Indeed, we revealed that some emoticons are hidden indicators of the psychology of Internet users. For example, those who use more smileys are more prone to novelty and therefore might be a better target for testing new products. From this example, we measure how much our research pierces us up to date.

It also shows the active power of internet traffic and how words can have an impact or even serve as an influencing strategy in a digital campaign. Therefore, in this digital universe where Big Data continues to gobble up data, it was necessary to adapt the search engine to improve the quality of the result. Google’s goal? Find the needle in a haystack. Just as the grindstone keeps growing, an average of 15% of searches still remain unpublished in the billions of queries. In its hegemonic conquest, in search of ubiquity, Google therefore inquires about those left behind. The cumulation still represents a not insignificant part of the traffic. When Google search decrypts your psyche A good SEO agency therefore directs its attention to the long tail. The long tail SEO is to look for keywords that attract few visitors on the website.

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