Google will now give more importance to original content. News content released first will be favored and will be visible longer. Google today announced that its search algorithm will be changed to give more importance to original content. Currently, when a media publishes an article, it is Kuwait WhatsApp Number List picked up by other editors. And all media benefit from the original content, and can sometimes have more visibility than the creator of the content. The search giant wants to be able to better identify original content and better promote it. This will first of all require manual and human intervention. Google has already sent new guidelines to the 10,000 people who train the algorithm to choose and prioritize original stories. This will make it easier for the reader to find the original story, rather than a cover.

For the publisher, it’s obviously a good thing to be rewarded with traffic, and therefore monetization of their inventories. Some media might be tempted to release the information faster in order to be identified as the original creator, but Google will also analyze the quality of the content and the reputation of the media. Google remains quite a mystery about the real impacts of the novelty, but the original articles should be visible for a longer period of time, and displayed alongside the latest articles on the subject. As for the definition of original content, again Google remains cryptic: There is no absolute definition of original reporting, nor is there an absolute standard for establishing how original a given article is. It can mean different things to different newsrooms and publishers at different times

Better Identify Original Content And Better Promote It

So our efforts will constantly evolve as we work to understand the life cycle of a story. To learn more about this announcement, visit the blog post published by Google. Inform themselves, discuss with their peers and check the indicators of the tools. dedicated to detect any changes to the results lists. But these official communications make it possible to be alerted in the event of significant changes in the positioning of sites on Google. On the other hand, as usual, Google does not indicate the objective of the major update of September 2019. It does not give any clue as to which elements are targeted and which sites are likely to be impacted. It is advisable to scrupulously check its SEO performance. In the coming days


Some tools should allow us to spot the commonalities between the sites that have climbed and those that have lost positions on Google. The Google update concerns the whole world, its deployment is underway and should continue over several days, as Danny Sullivan claims on Twitter. You no longer have to wait several days to access data on Search Console. Finally ! It was a request from many web professionals: access to more recent data on Search Console. Until now, you had to wait 2, 3 or even 4 days to access your site data on Search Console. Google has reduced this area of ​​uncertainty to just a few hours. You can thus know your performance on the search engine much faster. This novelty is welcome because it will allow digital professionals, especially SEOs, to analyze more quickly the impact (positive or negative) of web releases.

There Is No Absolute Definition Of Original Reporting

They will also be able to see the impact of major events on their website traffic with much better responsiveness. Only the performance of search results is affected Google specifies that very recent data is sampled: this is an estimate, refined in the following days: “recent data generally replaced by final data after a few days” . All you have to do is hover your mouse over the “performance in search results” curve : you are alerted when it comes to an estimate (the last day displayed in general). Only the performance of Search is affected: that of Discover does not benefit from recent data. Date scans made easy on Search Console Google is also more transparent when you select a date range: it indicates the data’s time zone (Pacific time).

You will also notice a new tab in the search performance, Dates, it allows you to access performance data by period. You can also export them. Google is hoping “that this new feature will help you further explore trends and fluctuations in your performance over time . ” , or to your management, and encourage them to share it on their social networks, without spending a cent. And you even have a view of the performance. It is therefore difficult to find a single flaw in Easy Advocacy, other than the unique mailing list. We would appreciate being able to split the mailing lists, especially for companies with many collaborators.

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