Google announces the launch of the advertisements on Discover. Discovery Ads will also run on YouTube and Gmail. Discover is the news feed offered by Google on smartphones. You can access it from the Google application, from the search box generally integrated into the home screen of your Venezuela WhatsApp Number List or from Google Chrome. Google offers articles that correspond to the news and interests of each user. So far, there was no advertising on Discover. Discovery Ads, ads on Discover, YouTube and Gmail Google will therefore offer a new advertising format to advertisers, called Discovery Ads. These advertisements will be broadcast: on Discover, between two automatically selected articles on YouTube, between two videos, on the homepage’s mobile feed on Gmail, in the Promotions and Social networks tabs. “From creations provided by advertisers or agencies, and thanks to machine learning.

Google is able to generate and deliver the best advertising, natively, on every Google property (Discover, YouTube, Gmail). ” The personalization of organic results is pretty compelling on Discover: If Google can deliver the same relevance for ads, ads could perform well. Accessible to all advertisers by the end of 2019 Google announced this new format at its Marketing Live 2019 event. Discovery Ads will be available to all advertisers “later this year”. Unmissable event in the field of web marketing, Web Camp Day is organizing its 7th edition in Angers on May 24th. To find out more about the new features planned for this year, we asked Nicolas Robineau, co-organizer of the meeting. As the program requires, the participants of Web Camp Day come from all over the field of web marketing.

Discovery Ads, Ads On Discover, Youtube And Gmail

From the specialist in natural or paid referencing to the specialist in analytics, via UX or even e-commerce, each profession is represented, mainly in the SEO sector, social media and more broadly in web communication. But it is also an event which wants to be accessible to the “uninitiated”: heads of companies of VSEs and local SMEs, who come to inform themselves and understand in order to be able to put into practice then. What will be the main themes addressed on D-Day? Having analyzed the profile of our participants from previous years, we decided to mark this 7th edition around two strong themes: Search Marketing and Social Media. Obviously, other themes will also be represented with in particular customer loyalty, a return on an entrepreneurial experience (Bons Plans Voyage New York).


GDPR point 1 year later, and finally a closing format somewhat similar to TEDx with 3 inspiring 20-minute mini-conferences. The 2019 programming is more oriented on social media than it was the other years, why did you make this choice? Indeed, the emphasis has been placed on social media because it represents, in particular with the themes of marketing influence, a major issue in today’s web marketing. It was decided to talk about it because if the subjects around community management seem less technical on paper, they can be real drivers of bad buzz. A good reading is therefore essential, hence the presence of the 8 speakers on the subject who will join us for this 2019 edition: we will talk about Instagram, podcasts (with a live recording of the Super Daily), Twitter with Twitter France.

Accessible To All Advertisers By The End Of 2019

However, Search Marketing DNA is not being ignored. With 7 speakers, this is the second strong theme of this edition, as every year since 2013. This is the 7 th edition of the appointment, which continues to grow every year. What are its strengths compared to other web events? Already 7 years! Let time pass quickly … The event is gradually gaining notoriety, meetings were made at Web Camp Day and were able to lead to real relationships, either friendly or business, and this is what matters most for the whole ‘team. Indeed, we do not want to grow indefinitely, which is why this 7th edition will be for the 3rd consecutive year at the Terra Botanica Business Center (which limits us to a maximum of 500 people) .We want to take the time to permanently anchor the special spirit of Web Camp Day.

An event that aims to be professional, good-natured and “family” (in the sense of the family of web marketing). And it works: more than half of the seats were sold before the lineup was even announced. The participants trust us. To answer you on the strong points, not sure whether they are to everyone’s taste, but in our opinion, they are: Relaxation of the day (no #mastuvu), just being yourself. The parallel cycles of conferences which allow to have the choice (even if for some, it is death in the soul that they do). And of course the welcome tote bags with a 100% Angevin accent! (unique guarantee in the web world) What can you tell us about the speakers invited this year? How many! 27 speakers this year, because for the first time we will have 3 round tables: on marketing influence, GDPR and SEO in 2019.


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