The search engine has redesigned the way it displays search results. A design he had been testing on mobile for several months. After several months of testing on the mobile version , Google launched its new design to present its search results on desktop. Brands will now have more visibility on all devices, with the presence of a favicon, to the left of their site URL. The new features offered by the new Google design Here are the Bolivia WhatsApp Number List elements that are now displayed in Google’s SERPS, on desktop: The site favicon is displayed first. The breadcrumb or URL completes the first row of the SERPs. These items are displayed in black. For advertisements: Google displays the label “Ad” in French, surrounded by a green and white square, which is displayed under the name of the site (the label “Ad” in English is black).

The title of the web page appears under the URL at the bottom. In some cases, keywords appear under the meta description to suggest other pages related to the user’s request. A results page on the query “ski” in Google with the new design: A results page on the query “ski” in Google before: Homogenized results in the SERPS With this new SERP design, announced on January 13, 2020 and rolled out globally, Google is increasingly homogenizing its search results. This new design is supposed to ” help users better understand where information comes from, more easily scan results and choose what to explore, ” says Google. Consequence of this new design: sponsored ads merge with organic results. How to display your site’s favicon in Google search results The procedure to allow the display of the favicon.

The new features offered by the new Google design

Exploration: The file and the home page can be crawled by Google. Content: The favicon must represent the brand. Beware of icons that may be deemed inappropriate by Google (pornography, hate symbols, etc.), they will be replaced automatically by a standard favicon. Size of the favicon: it must be a multiple of a square of 48 pixels (48 × 48, 96 × 96, 144 × 144…) or in SVG (no specific size). The latter will be automatically resized by Google in 16 × 16. URL of the favicon: it should not be changed regularly. there is a problem, if your favicon is not showing in the SERPS or if it does not match the one you registered, you can consult the Google help page . Editorial agenda : planning, publication, creation and validation workflow.


All of these and many more must be anticipated, organized and measured. This is the objective of the action plan. The editorial committee will ensure its proper execution as well as its optimization, all driven by data. When you’re solo or at the head of a small business, it’s much the same thing. Of course, the volume will be adapted and the organization will be simplified, but it is important to lay down your strategy and the organization necessary for its proper execution. Then the question very quickly arises of knowing how to find ideas for content to create. Whether we are used to writing or not, we can all fall victim to a lack of inspiration. In content marketing, this can be a cause of rapid abandonment.

How to display your site’s favicon in Google search results

It is also common to feel illegitimate and to think that one is not in a position to produce genuinely relevant writing. The question then is how to find the right ideas? This ideation step allows us to answer mainly two questions: Are ideas for topics that emerge spontaneously good? What if no idea emerges? Ideation is based on two main pillars: SEO keyword research, and data. I wrote an article about this. I invite you to read it if you are interested in the theme: “ Content Marketing: 7 Precise Axes to Succeed Your Content Strategy Do you have any successful examples in content marketing? I myself made my digital agency “live” for more than 15 years via a blog and an effective Content Marketing strategy. Following the resale of the agency, I embarked on a new adventure under the Captain Marketing brand.

My offer now consists of a new kind of support, at the crossroads between digital agency, training and mentoring. How do I promote this new activity? Using a Content Marketing strategy (which I summarize here via a screenshot of my editorial diary And it works, in just a few months, over a thousand people have subscribed to my newsletter , and I get several “spontaneous requests” every week. I can boast of never having done any hard prospecting since the start of my digital career in 1997! To take examples of established brands, there are a lot of great success stories around Content Marketing. I will particularly remember in B2C the following current examples: Bonne Gueule, Mano Mano, Respire. And in B2B, obviously the essential HubSpot, but also Plezi, , Think Media and many more.


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