A year ago, Google launched “.new”, which works as shortcuts to some of its services. All you have to do is type in your browser to open the corresponding Google Docs service. Practical shortcuts that make life easier for those who know them. Google has just announced that it will open Finland WhatsApp Number List to this extension for the rest of the web. Everyone can therefore reserve their domain name in .new, and thus offer a shortcut of this type to more easily access their services. What trigger reflexes among Internet users and launch a real fashion effect. Many brands have already entered the niche for this launch: Spotify (playlist. new), Microsoft (word), but also Medium, Stripe, or have their domain names. However, you must be logged in for this to work.

While this is generally the case with a Google account, handling will probably be less fluid with a service that you do not use on a multi-day basis. The use of these .news should therefore be mainly made by “star” services. The domains must all be secured using HTTPS. Trademarks can file their applications until January 14, individuals will have access to the filing from December 2. Prices have not yet been specified. The marketing department implements customer-oriented strategies: ” we use our data knowledge to personalize messages ( offers and contents) according to the target addressed ” . As far as data is concerned, OUI.sncf “ mainly uses first party data ” according to Carine Saraiva. A connector with the DMP enables data to be activated on all purchasing platforms. “

new for everyone

We mainly try to capitalize on all the data coming from our audiences, but we sometimes take third data through private deals. Data first is essential, as much in programmatic as in social ads. Our goal is to make the most of our customer knowledge in order to better manage our campaigns ” . Controlling the strategy again involves the internalization of the entire process. Julie Bidault specifies that “ internalization has really changed the way we handle campaigns. We learn a lot from what we do and can A / B test continuously. We have much better control than going through an agency. To have the necessary agility and deploy the right KPIs, it is important to stay as close as possible to these complex subjects ” .


Guarantee purchasing performance based on the right KPIs Julie Bidault also explains that “ looking at the pure profitability of display campaigns compared to SEA would not make sense, since one is push and the other pull. It is important to associate KPIs adapted to the objectives of each campaign ” . Julie Bidault also specifies that the internal organization is precisely designed to adapt to these specificities: “ The levers addressing push strategies, which seek to push the right message to the right customer at the right time, are now grouped together under the same Customer Marketing Department ” . We have been told many times about the end of display, a supposedly intrusive, poorly targeted and format. However, as Carine Saraiva reminds us, programmatic “ strengthened the display by allowing advertisers to address targets more precisely, with appropriate messages” .

Which Works As Shortcuts To Some Of Its Services

This display strategy is reflected in the investments of OUI. Sncf, which follows the global market trend with increased purchases in recent years. The rebranding of Voyages SNCF in OUI. Sncf also justified the strong need for visibility to establish the new brand. On a daily basis, budgets are allocated according to a real desire for test and learn and optimization, with the most efficient campaigns, objectives, or platforms having reinforced budgets. Open positions to support the activity To support the activity, OUI. Sncf will expand its team. Two offers are currently to be filled : a Media Trader and a Social Ads specialist. ​Do you want to go further than the three games mentioned above? Timelime offers several custom games for an even more immersive experience.

hey could, for example, make it possible to accumulate participations on several publications. They will also be more original and more worked. In any case, they help to further develop our reach and the engagement of our subscribers. For example, Timelime offers an Advent Calendar. Ideal for the holiday season, this game can allow us to involve our community every day in order to accumulate points. Timelime takes care of cumulating the participations according to the right or wrong answers on all the game publications, and according to the publication timing (a response on a December 3 publication made on December 5 will not be taken into account. ). The winners will be known at the end of the period. Ideal for building loyalty! Micromania, for example, has used this format before.

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