Google continues to offer improvements to extend its network of possibilities to advertisers, and it is with its Display devices that Google recently launched Smart Display campaigns , or Smart Campaigns. Smart Display, what is changing? As the Google Display Network on which it is possible to advertise now extends to more than 3 million websites and applications – reaching nearly 80% of Internet users worldwide – it was appropriate that the search engine improves the quality of its displays to fight as much as possible against the growing use of ad blockers. To reach your audience as closely as possible, with appropriate and relevant messages, it is important to offer them personalized ads, in the right places, and especially at the right times. It is therefore on the optimization of these different criteria that the search engine has worked to improve its offer.

Not only does the creation of an intelligent campaign facilitate its targeting, but also allows the improvement of the visuals, making them more native and therefore integrated into the user journey (for example, adapting the font to the site on which the ad is displayed). In addition, the auctions will be set in such a way as to optimize the meeting of the brand’s objectives. This added value of machine learning thus makes it possible to optimize, from a first campaign, all Israel Phone Number List of the brand that will follow, with each of its users: if the user chooses, for example, to hide this or that advertisement, Google will remember its preferences , to alternate with another advertisement thereafter. How it works ? The booking site was one of the beta testers of this new feature, and saw a 36% increase in conversions , for a Cost Per Acquisition similar to traditional Display ads.

Smart Display, What Is Changing?

Google relies on machine learning To do this, intelligent Display ads are based on machine learning : thus, the various criteria that will make prospects and brands connect will automatically be taken into account. Data from millions of applications and sites will greatly facilitate the development of the campaign for advertisers, while taking into account the expectations and habits of Internet users. To generate its Smart Display ads, the brand simply provided the titles it wanted to appear, as well as information about its offerings, and various attractive photos of different cities to give its ads some cachet. Google then generated from this simple information over 25,000 optimized ads for users in nearly 55 countries! Smart Display ads help brands connect more effectively with prospects, while optimizing brands’ budgets by displaying less invasive and more integrated ads, seeking to meet customer expectations as much as possible.


Nevertheless, it approaches Facebook for its news side, but especially LinkedIn for its corporate side. To help you out, we recently wrote a post on Building an Effective Editorial Calendar and a video showing you the best times to post for major social networks . Allows you to schedule your tweets. Hootsuite manages your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google +. Buffer is a tool to schedule your posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram as well as Pinterest for the paid versions. After thoroughly combing Millennials and Millennials, it’s Gen Z’s turn to be sifted through. Generation Z qualities study – BNP Paribas and The Boson Project Fortunately, Generation Z also has qualities. Having grown up surrounded by the Web and new technologies, they master these tools and even show a strong ability to adapt to new developments. They are more ambitious, creative and uninhibited.

Google Relies On Machine Learning

Display advertising accreditations Montpellier BS There are many opportunities to enhance your accreditations and rankings on the Internet and social networks, you just have to make sure you build a relevant digital strategy: use the right communication channels and tools, achieve good targeting, bet on the right keywords, optimize its message for its target, but also for search engines, etc. This is what our experts can help you with. The results of the experiment After 6 months of experience, the results are clear. The importance of creating a sense of belonging around a school is nothing new. Their habits on social networks: For these digital natives , social networks hold no secrets for them. They are also the ones leading the way. They took over Snapchat , and we saw Facebook and Instagram take their turn in Stories. However, we notice that they use social networks differently .

This last criterion is important for them because, surprisingly, they seek some form of anonymity on the Internet and social networks. They mainly use them for watching videos and communicating with their friends , and not for sharing content like one can do on Facebook and Twitter. Heavy consumers of videos , they also spend a lot of time on YouTube, which they consider to be very cool on the “coolness” scale, according to a ranking produced by Google . How to communicate with Generation Z on social networks? To reach Generation Z, you must inevitably be present where they are, namely social networks. Although they have low purchasing power, the young people of Generation Z attract brands. And for good reason, they are permanently connected, they are present on many channels and have a certain influence on social networks .


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